8 things that are making us love Hidilyn Diaz more

ABS-CBN Sports on Aug 09, 2016 10:45 PM
8 things that are making us love Hidilyn Diaz more
Pinay pride at its finest! (Photos taken from Diaz' Instagram account: @haidie20)

Her silver medal finish at the Olympics catapulted her to public fame, but recently hailed Olympian medalist Hidilyn Diaz has already been competing for a time now. Yes, we’re talking about eights years ago. For some of us who didn’t know her much, the 25-year-old’s oh-so-charming, smile-filled demeanor at the games and the awarding ceremonies certainly drew us into adoring her more. What else is there to love about this Zamboanga native who brought the Philippines its first Olympic medal in 20 years? Check these out!

1. She’s got guns.

Well, the sun’s out and Diaz knows best which asset to show off. On her Instagram, she is easily a fitspo—displaying her weightlifting feats and her recommended diets only legit athletes know how.

2. She puts the ‘student’ in ‘student-athlete’ first.

You know, like everyone else, she just wants to finish school. Only that her academics took the backseat because of her weightlifting career. Though, after the Olympics, she is set to go back to school at Lindenwood University in Missouri. Her course? Exercise Science!

3. She loves kids.

Her hopes to coach younger weightlifters like her inspires us. Her Instagram’s filled with posts of children from all walks of life working it at her gym. As part of her goals to develop the grassroots, she links these kids with interested brands/establishments as a way to promote the talent of these young blood.

4. She inspires other so well.

Offline, though, Diaz hops from one gym to another in her desire to be a coach to the next gen. Way to go for athletes who know how to give back!

5. She’s got hugot.

Diaz is one social media-savvy gal, too, evident with her part-hilarious, part-emo posts!


I miss Uzbekistan! I miss you! Chos! Madam Diaz, ikaw ba yan? #pagodlangyan #matulogkana #magpahingakana

A photo posted by Hidilyn Diaz (@haidie20) on


A photo posted by Hidilyn Diaz (@haidie20) on

6. She’s a milk tea lover.

And you thought she had to go crazy on the diet? Diaz actually has her frequent milk tea fix. Just like you and me.


Serenitea Jumbo wintermelon milktea #foodporn Enjoy life

A photo posted by Hidilyn Diaz (@haidie20) on

7. She’s a fan girl.

Well, she just couldn’t help it, can she? While she’s usually the one ambushing celebs for some fan photos, we’re feeling it’s going to be the other way around very soon!


Fan girl. @richardgomez #athletecommission #POCassembly

A photo posted by Hidilyn Diaz (@haidie20) on


Sarili o bayan? Last night with Emilio Aguinaldo ng #HeneralLuna #mannypacquiaotalk #artistintouch

A photo posted by Hidilyn Diaz (@haidie20) on

8. She’s a fighter, duh.

Third time’s a charm for Diaz, who has competed in past two Olympics already. She definitely proved that dreams aren’t that impossible to achieve—as long as you persevere. For this, we salute you, Hidilyn!

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