#WorkoutWednesday: Meet the fittest Olympians in Rio

Barry Viloria on Aug 24, 2016 08:03 PM
#WorkoutWednesday: Meet the fittest Olympians in Rio
Know the secrets (diet included!) to their lean and mean forms. (Photo by Gabriel Felix Photography, taken from Arthur Mariano's Instagram account: @arthurnory)

It’s the 2016 Summer Olympics, and they are the darlings of the whole world watching. While the women are swooning over them, we men here are shrinking insecure. These are the guys who boast of sculpted bodies from their everyday training. These are the dudes who don’t need to eat that healthy because they have high metabolism to counter the threat of a dad bod. These are the men who—in contrast to ourselves who just knew of the sport—knew their sport because they are the sport. Know some of the Olympians who stress the importance of both physical and mental strength, and promote healthy living. All of these, they do while giving us more reason to hate our skinny fat selves. Oh, bummer.

Pita Taufatofua

He’s that shirtless oil-drenched flag bearer of the Kingdom of Tongo wearing his native ta'ovala at the opening ceremonies, only to return to the closing program, well, shirtless and oil-drenched again. The oil, he explained later in a Facebook post, “is an integral part of indigenous Oceanian body adornment…an expression of ancestral ties.” The body? A result of taekwondo, karate, kickboxing, calisthenics, and yoga. This is the first time Taufatofua’s at the Olympics after failing to qualify in the past two seasons. He may have eventually lost to Iranian Sajjad Mardani, but we think he may have won something else: Lotsa lotsa fans, and lotsa lotsa guys whose confidence has just plummeted.

Arthur Mariano

If you only have models-turned-PBB Housemates Daniel Matsunaga and Hideo Muraoka as the Brazilian Japanese you know of on Earth, here’s a sports figure who’s currently drawing eyes also as a model material in the Olympics. Meet Mariano, almost 23, shipped by many with Simone Biles, whose boyish smile and slender, muscular form are the stuff of them female spectators. He’s proven himself more than a pretty face, though—the fit gymnast bagged a bronze in the floor exercise division.


New skill called the Bus-busnari 😉 Taking it to another level with that sneaky @matebros bottle in the corner 😝

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Getting that ankle back to hard landings 👌 #stickcity

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Full in layed out first try! @jake_dalton is up one, maybe this can even the score 🙏 #JakevsSam #stickgame

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Sam Mikulak

What is it with gymnasts looking that ripped? It must be the cable suspensions that they can carry themselves with ease and grace. Team USA's Mikulak, in fact, has both parents as gymnasts. As a two-yar-old child, his mom enrolled him in Mommy & Me gymnastics classes He’s always been sporty, too, having played soccer, basketball, baseball, and hockey. Mikulak might have impressed everyone else prior to the Olympics as he was a four-time national champ with seven titles in the NCAA, but ultimately landed to seventh in the men’s all-around finals competition in Rio.

Ning Zetao

It’s no wonder Zetao’s body is like that of a Greek statue. Besides joining the Olympics, the Asian Games, and other international swimming tournaments, he served as a soldier for seven years. “Being an athlete in the military, we must be more strict and more disciplined and lead an acceptable life style,” he said of his lifestyle, in that viral Elle Men China 2015 interview where he was cover. He calls the lifestyle “tiresome, of course… relatively bland, everyday we do three things: eat, sleep and train, nothing else,” even crediting his gold finish at the 2015 FINA World Championships Men’s 100-meter freestyle to his training with Australian coach Matt Brown. Zetao returns as the face of the magazine’s recent issue where his lean body is prominently featured.


I am #TeamSpeedo, are you?

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Back at in in the weight room getting a little pump going! Video credit @ryan_f_murphy

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Nathan Adrian

Michael Phelps isn’t the only American swimmer making a buzz recently. Adrian is making a name for himself, too, with at least five Olympic golds now. He bagged his first at the 4×100 m freestyle in Beijing, the next two in 4x100 m medley relay and 100 m freestyle in London, and his last two in 4×100 m freestyle and 4×100 m medley in Rio de Janeiro. The 27-year-old is a sight to behold at 6’6” tall and 225 lbs. big. He is very open about his kind of training and diet online. He once said in an International Business Times article that everyday, he consumes at least 225 lbs. of protein (one gram per pound of bodyweight) and enough carbs to counter the “glycogen-depleting practice” he undergoes. In a Swim Swam report, he divulged that his favorite workout consists of weighted pull-up, the hex bar deadlift, and the disc freestyle slide.


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