Meet Bea Escudero: DLSU's newest courtside chick

Barry Viloria on Aug 31, 2016 10:43 PM
Meet Bea Escudero: DLSUís newest courtside chick
The former De La Salle Zobel footballer is ever confident to take on this new challenge!

Applying for the courtside reporter post for La Salle was more than an act of whim, if you hear the full story from one of this upcoming season’s newest sideline girls, Bea Escudero. She already became aware of it as a career, as she herself played football for La Salle Zobel back in high school. She always had the guts and all, but it was only her priorities and schedule that got in the way. Being a little freer on her last year in school is now allowing her to chase after this dream.

“Well, it’s a dream of mine ever since I was in high school. "UAAP was always something I looked forward to! Come college, I wanted to audition on my first year, but I had other things to do,” the 21 year-old begins.

With Seasons 77-78 courtside reporter Jeanine Tsoi’s exit as Taft’s resident courtside reporter (she is now part of UAAP @ UpFront!), Escudero recently got the much-coveted job. But she isn’t just some TV personality whose beauty would get your eyes glazing over instead of paying attention to the scoreboard. (For this, blame her Fil-Spanish roots!)


Ms. Politics turned Ms. Courtside

“I was active in our political party, Santugon Sa Tawag Ng Panahon,” Escudero, an AB Psychology student, explains.

She ran for batch fresident in her frosh year, but lost. She held the secretary-general post at Santugon now on her third year, which got her busy on top of her academics. Now on her last year, the opportunity of being courtside reporter came, and so she resigned from her post thinking it was time to revisit a high school dream.

Compared to most Psychology students who would wish to be in medicine or counseling, Escudero has long planned to be in the media and marketing. Communication Arts would have done it for her, except that "My course helps me because I am able to really study how and why people behave the way they do and being a girl that likes to socialize, it does helps me along the way. My course is very flexible and with all that, I can even use those tools to deliver a good report.”

Although, she has no thoughts of concentrating on a particular media field or anything yet.

“This is like a stepping-stone for me to get into the media… I enjoy it. I’m also an adrenaline junkie! I like anything that’s new to me, and the experiences that come with it. I’m really game for anything!”


Felt good to be back at it even if it was just for today ⚽️💚

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Sporty spice

Escudero finds her sports background very helpful in her new part-time job. She played football since fourth grade and only stopped after high school. Her reason behind leaving football? A thirst for something new.

“I just wanted to look at other opportunities aside from Football. I thought college would really open new doors for me. I just wanted to focus on other things."

There’s another sports-inclined figure who has been helping her prepare for her coverage.

“My boyfriend is a basketball player,” Escudero refers to Jummy Andaya, who was captain of the DLSZ Junior Archers team back in UAAP Season 75. “I watched his practices and games all the time. He really helped me prepare in terms of knowing every little thing about basketball, and even the things that I didn't know yet. He really helped me gain more knowledge about the sport.”




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Her source of confidence

Being a courtside reporter could be a little daunting, says even the confident Escudero. (Imagine, she had to best 14 others for the job!) She knows how some others before her have humiliated themselves on national television because their nerves got to them.

Where does she get the confidence, then?

"From my friends, family, org, also my boyfriend. Because they always knew that this has always been an interest of mine.”

And then there are her idols in sportscasting, too, who like her would do it for both the love of the game and their Alma mater. Escudero says it’s the same thing why she’s doing this all.

“Gretchen Ho, Billie Capistrano, Jeanine Tsoi—you know, I watched them since I was a frosh. I really liked their spunk and when you see them on TV, they are really dedicated to this. And that they’re doing it for the love of the sport and for the love of the school!”

“I could also do this to give back to my school before I graduate,” she says excitedly.



💚✨🏹 #UAAPSeason79

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