#SquadGoals: The tough girls of Ride Revolution

Barry Viloria on Sep 14, 2016 10:59 PM
#SquadGoals: The tough girls of Ride Revolution
This close-knit group of instructors does kick (the pedal) like a girl—so what? (Photo courtesy of Lexi Gancayco)

Riding a bike has never been so threatening, and you’ll only realize so once you get to experience a class at Ride Revolution in Makati City. The instructors? Most of whom are chicks in skin-baring garments. But, of course, they aren’t here for you to ogle at—lest they kick you as hard in the ass as they do on the pedal.

“In the beginning, people assume na what we’re doing is very feminine,” reveals Ride Rev instructor Lexi Gancayco.

“It’s actually funny because there are a lot of guys that come in, usually in the beginning like boyfriend of a girl and then he’ll bring his friends. Then when they’re in there, they feel like it’s challenging and then they tell their friends, ‘Uy, pare, it’s not as easy as you think!’”


We ride together #RideRevolution

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It’s a woman’s world
Ride Rev being emasculating is another issue altogether, because it’s the tough-as-nails female instructors who are the news item here. And then there’s the fact that there are four guys on the team now. Gancayco belongs to a group of 12 instructors, all of whom underwent “three months of intense training” to be able to come out fit and strong for the job.

The Ride Rev instructors take turns in leading three to four classes a day, in the morning and in the evening, coming earlier before their schedules to man the desk. Sometimes, they ride each other’s rides, Gancayco says, because “We get better. If you’re just doing your own ride over and over, like what other songs you can do and what other music you play.”

“It’s also nice to hang out here sometimes. A lot of us work in Makati… We like hanging out then together, we’re clingy–ish that way,” she adds.

#fitspos and #lifepegs
There’s an appreciation among the instructors, who despite coming from different backgrounds are woven together because of their interest in fitness. Gancayco, an economics graduate of UP Diliman, is in PR and marketing. The rest also have day jobs—like head instructor Ida Paras, a jiujitsu trainer; Katz Salao, a radio personality; and even the newlywed Belle Daza-Semblat, an actress.

Expect the girls at Ride Rev to be as comely and believable at the studio as they are online. Their Instagram profiles, treated like “accounts” and “brands” of themselves complete with #gymfies, workout mottos, diets, and anything you expect from online fitspos.

“As instructors, we’re also the forefront of Ride Rev. People come to ride because of the instructors and the music. What we are online are also reflection rin ng personality naming—from where we eat, where we go, our workouts, and so on,” Gancayco says, also thanking their sponsors—sports brands such as Adidas and Nike among others.

“We are promoting riding as a lifestyle,” she says, highlighting how their classes help in one’s cardio and muscle toning.

Bonded crew
Obviously, the principle behind fitness as the way of life makes the first layer of the girls’ relationship that has since extended from just being workmates. Gancayco says it’s like “seeing my friends in and out of the studio everyday, helping each other out in preparing our playlist and what moves we can do.”

“We have our own schedules, everyone is busy, but then once in a while we meet like every two weeks. There are a lot of eating places here, we go to Wild Poppy, find the bar, and then we just relax.”

Yes, being into fitness doesn’t have to make them boring. Gancayco admits heading out for the night with her girls even if it might pose danger to their job at times. Like, they didn’t choose to miss Paradise held last summer in Pasay City. It was a major concert top-billed by international artists Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa.

“It’s hard to party hard together because somebody always has a class the next day!” Gancayco shares with a laugh.

“I think one of our worst nightmares is to wake up and then you think you have a class in 30 minutes! So many times that has happened to us. You wake up in the middle of the night and you get shaken, ‘What’s my class? Do I have a class? What time is it?’”



Last night's full house for @idatparas' last class for the month! 💪🏼🙌🏻💪🏼🙌🏻 #RideRevolution

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