#BestieGoals: Ateneo’s Bea de Leon and Jhoana Maraguinot

Barry Viloria on Sep 27, 2016 12:25 AM
#BestieGoals: Ateneo’s Bea de Leon and Jhoana Maraguinot
Throughout their collegiate career, these two opposites inevitably became the bestest of friends. Find out how here!

There’s a valid reason why their special friendship has spawned several fan accounts bearing the tag “JhoBea.” Why, every fan of the Ateneo Lady Eagles has at least once noticed the close on-court rapport between Bea de Leon and Jhoana Maraguinot.

But mind you, it’s not just for show.

We got to notice their admirable friendship more when we chanced upon the two at the Blue Eagle Gym in Ateneo recently. On a day when they had no training, we got to chat the two volleybelles up about being the closest on the team, a conversation that happened not without the occasional laughter and mockery of each other. Yes, their friendship actually started from the two Season 77 champs hating on each other.

“Kami yung type na siguro sa una i-ju-judge naman yung isa’t-isa,” shares Maraguinot with a laugh.

“We’re very different people from the way we talk palang. And I’m pretty conyo, she hates it!” seconds de Leon.

While third year De Leon admits being the perkier and noisier one opposite the shy and quiet fifth year teammate Maraguinot, their friendship saw an inevitable development sooner. Two years ago, both became part of the country’s U-23 team, and being the only ones from Ateneo on the squad, they got to be dependent on each other for company. Of course, the rest was history—or should we say, a beautiful kind of friendship that we see as inspiring as they continue waving the flag of #Pinaypride and #girlpower in the field of sports!

You say you’re total opposites. Aside from your personalities, what else do you girls find different in each other?
M: Mas maarte siya sa kin!
D: Siya pinaka-OC na tao sa lahat! There are days na siya na lang maglilinis ng (stuff ko). Sobrang OC nya!
M: Sobrang gulo nya, ako yung taga-ayos niya ng gamit. And then everyday, aayusin ko yung bag nya.
D: Ma-technical ako, creative siya. Maayos sya, magulo ako. Maingay ako, sobrang tahimik siya. She likes bright and colorful stuff. I’m really into anything basic if you look at my closet like black and white. Look at her, her backpack is freaking yellow! Her shoes are freaking rainbow! I get so annoyed with her and she gets annoyed with me.
M: Pero pag, magkahiwalay kami, (we would text each other), ‘San ka na?’

So, what do you find common in each other?
M: May mga times lang na, ‘Oy, cool pala sya, parehas kami ng trip!’ Siguro sa food!
D: The things we do naman except she’s an artsy and Im not. But in terms of adventure, ayun! Like ‘Tara, ATV!’ or ‘Tara, road trip!’


Kung makita namon amon na crush.... #WhenInBEHcolod

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Where has your thirst for adventure together taken you the farthest?
M: Batangas! Ay, no, Bacolod!
D: We found out that long weekend that time. Tapos that day si Gizelle (Tan) uuwi ng Bacolod, so parang, “Uy, sama!” On that day, we booked and we went to Bacolod the next day. We were there for three days and two nights!

How often do you go for an adventure?
D: Everyday is an adventure, eh.


I gotchu, always! 😘 #FriendshipGoals

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For your food trip, what’s your go-to resto?
M: Depende kung san namin matripan, magkasama naman kami lagi eh. Go lang basta may time kami—pag around QC, sa Maginhawa..
D: Depende sa mood namin. Sambo Kojin in Eastwood. When we’re really, really sad (as a team), there’s this one resto that we go to.

How do you help each other in school?
D: When Jho and I are partners, it’s like an individual work—for me. If something technical, it’s me. If it’s essay, everything else except creative stuff, she’s information science. She also edits.
M: Nagsusulat ako ngayon, yun yung pinagkakabusyhan ko ngayon.

What’s the greatest test of friendship you’ve gone through together?
D: Sometimes, natataasan ko siya ng boses. Sa friends, there are things that she likes and I don’t like. Sometimes, pag sinabi mong wag mong gawin, lalong gagawin. Pang-asar lang. Sometimes it’s too much, I guess. Ha ha!
M: Di kami magkasundo sa court! Ha ha!
D: Yeah! Ha ha! Cause she never follows the things I say!
M: Magkaiba din kami ng style maglaro.
D: Maarte siya maglaro, eh!
M: Ikaw makapagsalita, eh!
D: There was never a time that I thought ‘I might as well drop this friendship.’

What was your best #bestiegoals moment?
D: Sa sementeryo yon, eh. Ha ha!
M: Solid lang for us, simula noon, mas lumalim yung friendship namin. Mas naintindihan namin yung isa’t-isa.
D: The best day was we went for breakfast sa isang resto. The reason why we got close was we were both sad at the same time. We knew to each other but we weren’t saying exactly the reason why. Until that day, it’s just the two of us. We were having breakfast in the car, out of nowhere talaga (I told her my story and then she told hers.) It’s just too stupid we both cried—may pinagdadaan kami nun! Ha ha!
M: There’s this one song na simula non, iba na yung meaning for us. Ha ha!

And what was the song?
D: Secret it gives away the whole story! Ha ha!


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