Playboy model blogs about romance with ex-Maroon JR Gallarza

Barry Viloria on Sep 27, 2016 01:31 PM
Playboy model blogs about romance with ex-Maroon JR Gallarza
ďShe's been an amazing part of my life!" (Photo taken from Gallarza's Instagram account: @jr_gallarza)

A few days ago, former UP Fighting Maroons captain reposted a Playboy model’s blog post on his Facebook account that rather drew a hundred reactions and some comments from his friends and followers who had seen it. But this was no random online article or meme, for it was about how he and the said Playmate met and have since started a romantic relationship. (Cue: Other local ballers staring in envy!)

The longish article detailed how Canadian model, cosplayer, and social media sensation Holly Wolf met Fil-Canadian and recent UAAP graduate Gallarza. Written right on Wolf’s personal blog, the 27-year-old narrated how she met Gallarza at a party in the popular Palace Pool Club in Taguig. She was here for a Playboy stint when she got “attracted to him right away… no doubt…if you’ve seen this boy in person, there is much to be attracted to. He is just gorgeous and has a killer smile. *sigh*”

“My first words were, ‘You are like, the tallest Asian I have ever seen in my life… we exchanged names, talked for a few minutes… and the rest is history.”

The article further detailed about each complementing the other—Wolf, a “nerd” who’s into video games, anime, comic cons, and cosplay, versus Gallarza, a 6’4”-standing basketball star. She went on about how she even extended her stay in Manila just to hang out with the cager, and how they would meet again back in their hometown Canada weeks after.

“Overall, it was supposed to happen I can say that now. That the universe, or something, conspired for us to meet,” she wrote.

“The timing could (have) not gotten better if we had tried. I wasn’t looking for someone, and I know neither was he. We just found each other.”

(It’s much cheesier yet inspiring when you read it yourself here!)

But the blog was more than what it seemed, though. Wolf’s very personal article only came after articles and a video of her talking about her dating preferences—specifically her liking for Asian men—went viral. Online magazine about Asian tech and culture NextShark interviewed her about the same topic, saying “It’s no secret that Asian males are constantly emasculated when it comes to mainstream media — they’re usually portrayed as nerds or martial artists at best,” the article said.

“But times are changing, and more and more people are starting to appreciate the beauty of Asian males — one of those people is Holly Wolf.”

Both Gallarza and Wolf, who seem to be going steady together judging from their Instagram pictures, saw a need to explain to some that their relationship need not be “downplayed” and that their story shouldn’t come out as “cheap and dull.”

Gallarza, a father to a five year-old boy, could only speak nice words about how it has been so far for the couple.

“She's been an amazing part of my life, post-UP career to say the least,” the businessman and sports coach now based in Canada tells ABS-CBN Sports.

“We say we've been together since November 21st, the night we met at The Palace Pool Club. We use this as a date cause for her it was over already and for me.”

“I was just going along with it until she met (my son) Reinen. Once she met Reinen in Canada and I saw how much he liked her, then I let all walls down and committed to building our relationship just as much as she did when we first met!”


Boy: We've just met, why do you like me so much? Girl: I don't know... Boy: You know that I have a son right? Girl: That's okay. Boy: You know that I just graduated right? Girl: That's okay. Boy: I'm done playing ball, I wasn't born into a rich family, I don't have much to give. Girl: That's okay. Boy: I literally have no idea with what I'm going to do when I fly back home. How are you okay with all of this? Girl: Hey, I can take care of myself and I don't need to rely on anyone, okay? I just want you. Happy 28th birthday to this beautiful soul. Thank you so much for being here and giving me nothing but your support and motivation from the start of my post-graduate, full time father, business owner life. <3 Photo By: @altovenue x @pinkcitygram

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