How KiefLy and JTxJT handle love—and hate—on social media

Barry Viloria on Oct 17, 2016 03:31 PM
How KiefLy and JTxJT handle love—and hate—on social media
As power couples in local sports, learn their secrets to handling their relationships with the fans watching over (Photo by Paul del Rosario for Chalk Magazine)

No doubt, our favorite local star athletes are now certified social media personalities, counting in their hundreds of thousands of followers Instagram and Twitter with accompanying likes that also amount to innumerous. Their influence online has become so vast and encompassing they’re also capitalizing on it in a good way, endorsing advocacies and promoting brands they believe in. It’s a fanfare!

You can just imagine when you put two of these sports-cum-social media stars together, say, Kiefer Ravena and Alyssa Valdez plus Jeron Teng and Jeanine Tsoi. From being just fanfic subjects and OTP’s (one true pairing) among fans, these guys and girls actually went there and dated each other for all of their supporters to implode. Hence, pet names #KiefLy (from Ravena’s and Valdez’ nicknames) and #JTxJT (from Teng and Tsoi’s similar initials) that fans have churned out themselves.

While it’s true that the details of their relationships should only be left to themselves, being sports icons—whose face is everywhere—has inevitably opened a big part of themselves to the public. Just like celebrities—remember when Ravena got involved with DLSU Green Archers alumna Mika Reyes, or when Teng got rumored with actress Jane Oineza?

In the age when social media is a giant, though, is there more responsibility involved among star athletes when it comes to maintaining their respective relationships? More so when it’s one they share with another sports figure who have also a huge fan base on their own? We ask #KiefLy and #JTxJT themselves for their two cents!



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What does it feel being tagged by the fans as #KiefLy and #JTxJT?

Ravena: Well, we try to make it as natural as possible kasi syempre we’re just normal people lang naman eh, we’re just a normal couple.

What’s that app that you use best when it comes to connecting to people?

Ravena: It’s really Instagram, I would say. Well, I think you really get to know a lot of things on Twitter really fast. But on Instagram, you get to share your moments with others and I think that’s one cool thing about it!

Teng: Snapchat because it’s private eh, so you get to be more free and just be silly and not think about what everybody else thinks. Para lang makita ng mga friends ko.

Tsoi: I think, Instagram because I think it’s the best avenue to still share your pictures and be artsy at the same time!


Finally! 😊 9/3/16

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How do you feel about using social media in influencing your fans?

Valdez: As much as possible, we put things na informative and something na nakaka-relate rin yung mga tao, we also put the things na memorable and something na worth posting also. And we’re really thankful na na-aappreciate rin yun ng mga tao.

Tsoi: Everything positive. That’s for me. No to negativity.

Teng: Siguro positive lang and siguro sharing what you love to do on social media, I think that’s important like for example, I share to my followers how I’m really into basketball and all my hobbies.


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As a power couple with many fans, do you feel pressured when it comes to pleasing your supporters?

Ravena: We really don’t do anything like for kilig. We just wanted to share it to others, as much as we want to keep things low-key and privately but with our fans and the people who support us, nakakatuwa lang kasi parang kinikilig sila kahit mag-usap, magsasagutan lang kami sa Twitter, yung ganon. So, nakakatuwa talaga sila. And for her, she doesn’t normally tweet and that’s why sometimes I get kilig when she replies to my tweets.


Fine night, fine wine with a fine gent

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