Pilates with a punch: Four reasons why you should try Piloxing

Ceej Tantengco on Oct 28, 2016 12:20 PM
Pilates with a punch: 4 reasons why you should try Piloxing
The high-energy interval workout was invented by Viveca Jensen, a Scandinavian-born ballet dancer, Pilates instructor, boxer, and bodybuilder.

Buhay pa, buhay pa!” My friends and I were lying in a sweaty heap after a 45-minute session of Piloxing, the fusion workout that combines powerful boxing and measured Pilates. But if you’re imagining a daunting, all-business, no-smiles workout—that couldn’t be farther from the truth.


I had a blast trying Piloxing with my adidas FitSquad last week. Here are four reasons why you should, too.



It burns up to 1200 calories per hour.

The high-energy interval workout was invented by Viveca Jensen, a Scandinavian-born ballet dancer, Pilates instructor, boxer, and bodybuilder. “Get drenched, get strong, have fun,” her site says.



Apart from improving cardiovascular fitness, you get toned and lengthened muscles from Pilates, stronger arms from boxing, better balance and posture from dance, and the thing that ties all three exercises together: a strong core.




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Students are encouraged to use weighted half-pound gloves three months from their first Piloxing class. Half a pound seems light—“my laptop’s heavier than that!” you might be thinking—but try them on for a whole session and the burn gets realer than ever.



There’s a workout for every fitness need.


Take your pick from three programs. The classic Piloxing SSP, a barefoot program that leans more towards non-stop choreo and dance, was created for women of all fitness levels and targets the arms, abs and glutes.




Piloxing Master Trainer Roz Manlangit, who flew to Singapore and Bangkok to study under the founders of the program, has been dancing ever since she can remember. After years performing with various dance groups, Piloxing seemed like a perfect fit.

“However, if you're not into dance but want a good challenge, then Piloxing Knockout is fun to try as well,” Manlangit says. Knockout mixes in plyometrics HIIT and functional training for an intense full-body workout. “We call it ‘a test of athleticism’ since it really is for people with extensive fitness backgrounds and maybe want to take it up a notch higher,” she adds.




If you’re looking for a low-impact but intense workout, try Piloxing Barre. Using the barre for external support and resistance, this variation promises long and lean muscles, better balance, and deeper muscle engagement for healthy joints. 


“At first I thought it was the easiest out of all three but the burn you'll feel from the isometric workouts is unbelievable,” shares Manlangit. “Piloxing Barre also gets a lot of inspiration from ballet, so you'll feel very graceful while doing it.”



Classes are the opposite of intimidating.


To someone who isn’t naturally athletic, boxing rings can seem intimidating; and it can take a while for first-timers to pick up new moves at dance classes. (Disclaimer: I may or may not be talking about myself.) But even though Piloxing has elements of both workouts, our class’ mood wasn’t intimidating at all. Manlangit had us grinning the whole way through, and the dance-like transition moves kept us grooving even as we sweated through our shirts.





“We try our best as Piloxing instructors to set everyone up for success in class. We do know that people have different levels of understanding when it comes to form and technique, especially when it comes to Pilates,” says Manlangit. “So we do our best to break it down and teach it in a fun way but still safe and effective for everyone.”



It’s a girl power workout, but guys will love it, too.


Piloxing SSP was invented with female empowerment in mind, but Manlangit shares that she gets quite a number of men in her classes. “Some attend Piloxing SSP as a pre-requisite for Knockout and they still find it very challenging,” she says.


Meanwhile, Piloxing Knockout was made specifically to cater to both men and women. “Some of my Knockout classes are full of men who sometimes make it a goal to do the workouts better than me since I'm a woman,” shares Manlangit.


But can they actually beat the Master Trainer? Manlangit simply laughs: “I just try to remind them not to make it their primary motivation.”






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