How to achieve the Tamaraw body by FEUís Gus Denila

Barry Viloria on Nov 08, 2016 10:53 PM
How to achieve the Tamaraw body by FEUís Gus Denila
Train hard only this Diliman point guard knows how. (Photos by Vyn Radovan)

Far Eastern University point guard Gus Denila is easily teased by his teammates as the squad’s resident gym addict. It would be too offensive to ignore this once you realize how much of a fitness buff he is. He may have been into basketball since eight, but the “energetic kid” only got to serious about the idea of being fit in and out at the start of his UAAP career.

“I also played volleyball, football, baseball, badminton, and table tennis,” the Iloilo native shares. “Sobrang payat ko dati! Akala ko okay na katawan ko pag dating sa college pero hindi pala.”

Business management student Denila entering the collegiate ranks only exposed him to more athletes who were fitness addicts just the same. Like former Blue Eagle Emman Monfort and Red Lion Anjo Caram, who also came from his province. He vividly remembers weighing only 56 kilos before filling his 5’9” frame , embarrassed as “Nakita ko mga katawan ng mga players dito sa Manila and I told myself na I should start being serious with my workouts.”

This obviously only pushed him to be better at the gym—he has since been training three to four times a week usually consisting of an hour of strengthening and cardio. Couple this with Coach Nash Racela’s fiery practice games and shooting sessions reaching four to five hours daily—and you have Mister Batak.

“I also eat regularly. Kumakain naman ako ng mga protein-rich foods, and vegetables. My favorite is steak sa District 18 Burger, Quezon City, recovery ko sya every after workout.”

There’s apparently no off-season Denila. Once he’s up in the morning, he’s on the floor doing pushups (his favorite upper body workout, he says) before rushing outside to jog (his most preferred cardio). When he’s not at a practice game in Diliman, he is usually found at the bakal gym on campus with teammates Axel Iñigo and Joe Trinidad. When away from the city, he is still keeping fit at a gym. It’s the “pressure,” he adds, “kasi kailangan mo talaga maging fit in order to be healthy (in the eyes of others).”

Denila’s overall motto in fitness? Pretty much like what you’d hear from his idols Michael Jordan and Derrick Rose. “’Don't quit’ or ‘Never give up’—not only for fitness but also in life.”

How to achieve a bod like Denila’s? He shares us this full-body workout, which you can do twice a week!


Leg press

Dumbbell row

Inclined dumbbell curl

Shoulder touches


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