UST Salinggawi’s past performances that brought chills to our spine

Barry Viloria on Nov 12, 2016 07:58 PM
UST SDT's past performances that brought chills to our spine
With UST hosting this season, the SDT is more eager than ever to keep their winning tradition alive!

Asking what or who inspires the UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe as they maintain their powerhouse stature at the UAAP Cheerdance Competition (CDC) will only give you the expected from those belonging to the royal and pontifical university: “We will just do our best everyday and it is up to God or the rest,” as captain Benjo Gutierrez would say.

"We just put the work on, syempre, nasa Diyos ang awa at nasa tao ang gawa.”

No mockery here, as Salinggawi has obviously worked their way up ever since the beginnings of the UAAP CDC. Throughout the tournament’s history, they’ve reaped eight titles—including a three-peat feat and a five-peat coup. It’s not just the intense training (“They always push us beyond our limits and help us grow as a athlete and as person,” stresses Gutierrez) or the right dose of camaraderie (“We also make sure to check each other and ask them how their day was so if one had a bad day, we would know and immediately give them a pat”). It’s also just about offering every performance to the one up there.

It’s been nine years since Salinggawi has gotten hold of the coveted title. They got trounced off the podium from 2011 to 2013, but has since slowly but surely climbed back up the ranks. Now that they’ve got their mojo back, it seems that there’s no stopping them this November 19 as they face the rest of the pep squads sans UP.

“We aim to keep the podium finish and continue the winning tradition we started,” Gutierrez assures.

Feeling senti over the past performances that gave us chills? Take a look at some of the most memorable Salinggawi routines ever!

It was what started their five-peat—back in the Nestle Non-Stop era, UST reigned supreme with their two-level pyramids and stunts many of us only saw for the first time!

UST only upped the CDC benchmark with their second back-to-back feat, introducing higher pyramids and more death-defying stunts. Grace and movement became their edge over the rest, though, especially with their entertaining ballet-derived Fouette turns in the latter part of that year’s routine!

It was the last top rank finish for the team before falling off it in the next three years, a Jive for Five-completing performance that became the most remarkable in history. Then choreographer Ryan Silva’s injections of jazz, hip hop, ballet, gymnastics, and folk dance came to life with that year’s flawless and in-sync routine, with timeless dance pop songs in the background. Multi-level pyramids and almost humanly impossible stunts took center stage. No elaborate costumes or props needed, just signature Salinggawi grace.

A three-year podium drought made the Tigers hungrier than ever, and so they went all out in Season 77. They marked their Oriental-themed campaign in the first few seconds with rhythmic gymnastics and mudras, following it with riskier stunts. This handed them their first place in years, a third place tailing champion NU and first runner-up UP. “Pare, surreal!” Gutierrez could only muster about the moment. “Our big comeback after the 2013 upset!”

Despite more squads other than UP and FEU stepping up, Salinggawi fast came back to the CDC equation by going back to the basics. Flyers landing on top of a pyramid to form an even higher pyramid, cartwheels for days, more synchronized stunts, all to the tune of African music, all of which concluding with a hair-raising human formation of the acronym UST with the Thomasians cheering the “Go USTe!” in the background. While NU maintained its throne, there was no secret that UST Salinggawi has officially made it back! We can't wait for them come roaring again next week!


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