LOOK: Kiefer Ravena tries, succeeds in getting noticed by his '#WomanCrush'

ABS-CBN Sports on Dec 23, 2016 07:31 PM
Kiefer tries, succeeds in getting noticed by his #WomanCrush
It worked.

Being all the way in Dallas might be taking its toll on Kiefer Ravena. 

Across the sea from Alyssa Valdez, Kiefer couldn’t help but remind everyone, including Valdez herself, who he thinks about everyday.

Kiefer tweeted a photo of the stunning  Valdez posing at the beach, in her swimsuit, with the caption #WCE.

Alyssa responds coyly, but it was pretty apparent how they miss each other. Sure, they’re half the world away, but their romance still makes everyone lose their minds.

In case you were wondering, #WCE means “Woman Crush Everyday”, popularized by rapper Drake when he wore a shirt with NBA sideline reporter Doris Burke on it, along with the now-popular phrase.

Urban Dictionary offers a pretty apt description as well, saying #WCE is “like #WomanCrushWednesday but [for] eternity.

And with the way they miss each other who knows, maybe we’ll see Kief rocking an Alyssa Valdez “Woman Crush Everyday” shirt in the near future.

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