This new, fly spinning studio is rebranding the workout into something fun and cool

Barry Viloria on Jan 15, 2017 02:13 AM
New spinning studio rebrands the workout as fun and cool
Ride Revolutionís second branch is fast drawing more indoor cycling fans because of its hardcore workout sessions, well-curated playlists, and a few more reasons. (Photos courtesy of Ride Rev instructors)

If you don’t believe that spinning isn’t becoming big a fitness trend, visit a nearby gym and check out one or more of these classes it’s offering. And if that’s not enough, homegrown indoor cycling studios budding in the city like Saddle Row, Electric Studio, and Loyola Spinning Studio will provide more proof. In fact, one of these studios that have opened in recent years just launched its second branch. We got an inside look at Ride Revolution’s offshoot located at the ground floor of EDSA Shangri-La in Mandaluyong, and found these four reasons why it’s one of the hottest fitness hubs lately. (And these are the same reasons why we’re fast believing that, yes, spinning is as challenging as it is cool, and, no, it’s not just some leisurely “tito” activity as we previously thought it was.)


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1. The fancy location

It’s only been almost a year since Ride Rev built its first studio at Dance Steps on Kalayaan Avenue, Makati—it obviously catering to the busy Makati market and the south dwellers. With the Shangri-La branch, it finally sees an opportunity to serve its clientele from the northern parts of the metro. Another chunk of this studio’s audience past the geography aspect, as head instructor Ida Paras reveals, consists of adjacent hotel’s residents and, yes, random shoppers. She adds, “The funny thing is some of our old riders from Dance Steps are actually coming here ‘cause some of them are from the north and they’ve been waiting for this studio to open. Now, people still go back and forth!”


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2. The cool vibe

Fun and modern still resonates within the bricked and wooden corners of Ride Rev Shang, as goes its original branding. Although, there have been efforts to improve in terms of the interiors. This new studio has two levels—the ground floor has the reception area and the studio, while the second floor houses a lounge of beanbags, the lockers, and the shower areas. The place still reveals an industrial design, complete with inspiring fitness-themed slogans on the walls. All these were part of the Ride Rev’s conscious attempt, says Paras, to “correct all the things we lacked and missed in the first studio. We went all out in this studio cause we really want our riders to feel comfortable and feel at home!”


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3. The legit trainers

Ride Rev’s set of instructors at Shangri-La comprises of the oldies from Makati and the recently launched ones, taking turns everyday of the week to teach clients. Paras, a high-ranking Brazilian jujitsu practitioner herself, emphasizes the importance of pooling individuals who are sound in body and mind—if not former or part-time athletes—as trainers. She says having a certified athlete as an instructor is added premium to every P1,000 paid for each 50-minute long sesh. Currently, the Ride Rev squad includes another jujitsu artist, a runner, a football player, a pole dancer, a former UP Pep Squad captain, a yogi, a weightlifter, and some dancers among others. Paras says, “We look for real athletes, for people with good fitness background.” Are you here to burn, release more endorphins as a way to lower stress levels, increase muscle endurance, or get your healthy dose of cardiovascular exercise for your heart? Paras says there’s a class specific to one’s fitness goals.


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4. The fun spirit

The perception that spinning is more for women has grown tired, even counting in those backup dancers on Ariana Grande’s Side to Side music video posing as indoor cyclists. Paras tells riders about the high intensity type of workout (although, low impact) each session carries out, and the degree and music lineup might just vary on whichever instructor you just signed up under. “We’re gonna have a new feel and new variety. If you like rock or sassy girly music or hip-hop, we have an instructor for each of that. We started out with more of EDM and pop, but now you’re gonna be hearing a lot of different beats and different variations.”


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