Can you guess who this ‘nene’ volleyball MVP is?

Barry Viloria on Jan 20, 2017 03:59 PM
Can you guess who this ‘nene’ volleyball MVP is?
Green-blooded through and through, DLSU’s Kianna Dy was already a star even way back in high school. (Photos courtesy of Dy)

Fans of both seniors and juniors events in UAAP women’s volleyball may have grown too familiar with DLSU’s Kim Kianna Dy, especially when she rose to mega fame bagging the Finals MVP trophy last season. In high school, however, the perky player from the DLSZ Junior Lady Archers was already a star in her own right.

The year was 2011. The DLSZ volleyball team had just conquered the UE Junior Amazons, to sweep the elimination round, 6-0. The performance automatically hailed the green team as Season 73 champs. Dy, then a sophomore, had just won the coveted MVP plum.

“I was shocked, as you can see from my face,” the now 21-year-old recalls. “Hindi ko
in-expect talaga! As in the announcer was like, ‘And the MVP, from La Salle, jersey number 8, Kim Dy!’ Tapos chineck ko pa jersey ko kung 8 talaga number ko, ‘tapos tinanong ko pa yung ref kung tama ba talaga na ako!”

“That’s how shocked I was!”

Dy’s self-doubt came naturally as compared to some of her teammates, she played volleyball rather late. She used to be a sprinter (hence, the fast metabolism that led to her long, slender frame) and didn’t even consider volleyball. That was, until rain plagued her first track and field competition. Her competition-thirsty self couldn’t handle the anticlimactic turn of events, and so she chose an indoor sport instead. She’d join Zobel’s team and would be part of a three-peat from Season 73 to 75.

It’s been many years since, and the power-hitting and incoming senior Dy had just become a Taft heroine as La Salle took back the crown from Katipunan after two years. She says pre-Season 79 has seen the team “now working extra hard since we need to adjust because half ng first six ay nawala.”

How much does Dy think has changed since high school?

“Well, tumaas yung level of play and also the attention and support it gets now is more compared to before.”

“The UAAP seniors event has given me more pressure because the level of play is obviously more difficult and competition is tougher. So, I guess after everything my teammates and I have been through for the past seasons, attaining our goal, the championship has made me feel more confident and accomplished as an athlete because it has always been a dream of mine,” says Dy, who now likens her love of volleyball to her love of, yes, sleeping.


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