LOOK: Sleek black, white colorways unveiled for the Harden Vol. 1

ABS-CBN Sports on Jan 22, 2017 03:32 PM
Sleek black, white colorways unveiled for Harden Vol. 1
James Harden getting the superstar treatment he deserves.

James Harden has been leading the NBA Most Valuable Player rankings behind his strong, revamped play for the Houston Rockets. 

Everyone is once again starting to take notice after a lackluster season last year, so it’s no surprise that he’s now getting the superstar treatment he deserves. 


The 13 Below Zero’s immaculate white colorway was “Inspired by James Harden’s ability to freeze defenders with his patented Eurostep and crossovers,” says adidas.

Taking cues from the harshest elements of the arctic weather, the sneakers feature a frosted portion plate and a white and gray Primeknit upper with the full-length BOOST Harden Vol. 1 is known for, capped off by a white leather toe shroud.


The Dark Ops’ subdued all-black colorway was inspired by James Harden’s tactical approach to the game, the almost surgical precision in which he dissects the opponents’ defense with his unique and exciting skillset.

It has an all-black mesh upper with the adaptive toe shroud. It also features full-length BOOST, and has a sleek matte finish for the signature three stripes.

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