Welcome a fitter, better-looking year ahead with these millennials as fitspos

Barry Viloria on Jan 24, 2017 07:19 PM
Welcome a fitter year ahead with these millennial fitspos
Donít let your busy schedule hinder you from your #bodygoals! Let these multitaskers let you in on weight-losing tricks despite having a full calendar! (Photo taken from Carlos Benipayo's Instagram account: @carlosbenipayo. Special thanks to One Shangri-La Magazine)

It’s approaching the end of January, but you might have already been overwhelmed with too much stuff at work that time to lose all that holiday weight has become elusive. Raise your hand if you share the same story. Finding it hard to balance your goings-on at home, school, and work? Don’t let your fitness slump continue, with these three young men proving that it ‘s too early to quit your recently renewed fitness mission. Experts at juggling their own businesses and looking fit and fine, these guys are all too familiar about squeezing fitness into any busy schedule!


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A photo posted by Jeff Ortega (@jeffortega) on


A photo posted by Jeff Ortega (@jeffortega) on


A photo posted by Jeff Ortega (@jeffortega) on

Jeff Ortega, 26

What he does: Owns La Union Surf School and Mad Monkeys Burger Lab, organizes Soul Surf International Music Festival and La Union Surfing Break Music Carnivaland, keeps busy as the apple of Jasmine Curtis-Smith’s eye

How he got into fitness: Ortega played basketball and football as a hobby, and then swimming as part of Ateneo’s varsity team. Belonging to the political Ortegas of La Union, he first took up a pre-Law course at the school aspiring to follow in his family’s footsteps. But Ortega found himself in limbo after college, and just chose to seclude himself right in the South China Sea-facing beaches in his hometown. That was around 2013, when La Union was just poising itself as the next big surfing spot in the country. Ortega finally found his purpose—that is, to help the province flourish through a surf school and events that would invite more surfers and tourists (including celebrities through his actress girlfriend) to the north.

How he keeps fit: The back-and-forth‘s from the city to La Union and vice versa has become particularly tiring for Ortega. Still, to maintain, “I just make sure that my diet is good.” He surfs to keep fit both in body (it’s a workout that strengthens the legs, shoulders, back, and core; and is a good cardio) and mind (“It resets my head, it clears my mind.”). He also “goes to the gym. I would run 10k in the morning or in the afternoon, I work out twice. I used to work out with Edward Mendez of Belo. He trained me for three months.”


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All good buffets come to an end. Time to hop back on the stair master. 💪🏽💦

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Carlos Benipayo, 24

What he does: Owns Oscars Deli, Oscars Fitness, and Coffee & Protein

How he got into fitness: Benipayo started lifting weights at 17 on “bara-bara” mode, until he turned serious around 21. “When I had the logical approach with the gym. I started doing reading. I learned how to read these things, learned some jargons,” he says. Benipayo has since considered fitness as his “passion,” which also shows in the nature of his businesses. Oscars Deli is a food delivery service of protein-enriched bars and, yes, pancakes; the newly opened Coffee & Protein is a restaurant serving food and, well, coffee for the health-conscious.

How he keeps fit: “I go four times a week and I’ve been following a program for the past four years,” he says. As for his diet, he stresses on just balancing things out. “When you say healthy diet, people always think na you eat the bland foods, you eat the whatever super foods when in reality, there’s this thing called an energy balance in everybody. So, the fundamental thing is that you eat what you need, and your body stored it as body fat for later use. Basically, ayun lang yun calories in and calories out. It’s budgeting my calories day in and out. You’d see me eating the ‘healthy stuff’ to junk foods, as long as it fits my budget and I guess that’s a more sustainable thing. There are people eating chicken breasts, brown rice, broccoli, you’ve seen them doing this because they’re really dedicated. I don’t wanna say that they’re unhappy pero when they see food that you know they actually wanna eat but chose not to ate, they end up eliminating big food groups.”


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Vince Velasco, 26

What he does: Trains at Flyweight, acts, hosts on TV and at events

How he got into fitness: The friendly model and actor keeps his bod tight not just for his hosting and acting stints, but, well, it’s always been his lifestyle. Credit it all to his years of being into fitness and sports. “I think it has do to with growing up as an athlete and being adventurous,” he says of his frequent desire for an adrenaline gush. “So, I guess there’s just so many things I wanted to learn, so many things to share, and so many experiences that I wanted to have. I guess, through traveling and basketball, being an athlete or a traveler takes you to places. This is my way of sharing something and learning something from everyone.”

How he keeps fit: Velasco never skips a good workout at the gym and that’s why he’s not one to shy away for a spontaneous beach trip no matter how short minute. (Check out all the beautiful water destinations he’s been at to through his “Vitamin Sea” posts on Instagram!) Right now, he’s doubling his efforts to keep fit, as he’s a trainer at the newly opened “boutique” boxing gym Flyweight at The Fort!


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