DLSU Green Archers spill on their first kiss, the last time they got heartbroken, and more!

ABS-CBN Sports on Jan 26, 2017 05:09 PM
Archers spill on their first kiss, last kiss, and more!
Itís slam book time with the Season 79 champs!

Heroes, yes. Gods of Asgard, unlikely. Just like us, UAAP Season 79 men’s basketball champions—the DLSU Green Archers, a team so commendable and coordinated in play they emerged victorious with only one win away from a sweep—are humans, too. They’ve undergone the same things we’ve been through growing up. And luckily for us, the crew behind UAAP Magazine, which they recently covered together, just went ahead and asked them slam book questions we, too, have answered at least once in our lives.

Known for being athletic and aggressive on the court, Finals MVP Jeron Teng, MVP and Collegiate Basketball Awards’s Smart Player of the Year Ben Mbala, Thomas Torres, Kib Montalbo, and rookie Ricci Rivero let their guard down about their firsts and lasts in the following Facebook video. Read: Awkward. What do they do first thing in the morning, and the last to call it a night? What did they do before taking on last season’s championship game, and the first thing they did after being declared champs? When was their first and last kiss? When did they first fall in love, and when was the last time they got heartbroken? Sweet, religious, family-oriented, flirty—some of your favorite players give away a totally different side of their personality here!

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