Hereís a list of diet delivery services to help you get fit for #summer2017

Barry Viloria on Feb 08, 2017 02:56 PM
Diet delivery services to help you get fit for Summer 2017
Itís February. Before you know it, youíre off to the beach baring that dad bod. But not when you start eating healthy now!

Ask anyone who has those enviable abs and all about where they got it, and they’d almost immediately answer you with “By watching my diet.” Well, genetics also plays major part in this all, plus an active lifestyle. (I recall Derek Ramsay telling me when I interviewed him years ago about his frequency at the gym, “Gym? I don’t go to the gym! I just do 100 pushups every morning, that’s it!” I took it slightly as too proud until I realized, yes, he’s a football and Frisbee player all his life.) Eating clean can be beneficial when it comes to finally realizing your goal of walking shirtless at the beach—and, nope, without fearing your dad bod might photo-bomb just about anyone taking a selfie around. Picky about these diet services? Iffy they all might taste so organic it’s bland? We’ve narrowed down a few for you!


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For the foodie: @YummyDietPH

Its name is being upfront about it—Yummy Diet has meals so tasty you wouldn’t think you’re on a diet until you’re about to inhale that last strip of grilled boneless chicken. Without foregoing flavor and satisfaction, the service offers meals either low on calorie or those low in carbs but high in protein. It accompanies the meals with teabags, coffee bags, and even desserts that may or may not serve as your actual meal of the hour—fruits, meatloaf muffins, potato salads!

For the gainz-hungry: @SHMacroMeals

You think going traditional is the way? SH Macro Meals surely knows how to sustain you with its meals stuffed with the necessary macronutrients: protein, carbs, and fats. A simplified list of the macros in every meal comes with it upon delivery. If you’re still having doubts, the couple behind the service makes enough evidence their meals work. JP Yap is an ISSA-certified nutritionist and National Bodybuilding Championships Men’s Physique Division contender, while his wife and former actress Stef Prescott recently joined the Hidilyn Diaz movement by competing and winning at a recent lifting event.



Enjoy healthier versions of your comfort food from #FitnessGourmetPH! Thank you @vnjendaya ❤

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For weight watchers: @FitnessGourmetPH

If you’re on to getting sexy stat in the middle of a busy schedule, Fitness Gourmet might work best for you. It has prepared meal plans that “guarantee rapid weight loss,” but also delivers foods high in protein—both counting the necessary amount of calories for you depending on your goal. Its lineup of celebrity clients and fistpos including LA Tenorio, Daiana Menezes, and Regine Tolentino makes the face of the brand. Fitness Gourmet is so keen on assisting anyone on his fitness journey it offers discounted fitness coaching and nutritional counseling services. It also has #MakeItFit, an online campaign inviting anyone to try the diet delivery for two months and then get rewards if they lose weight after the period!


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