How well do you know Bea de Leon?

Barry Viloria on Feb 09, 2017 06:03 PM
How well do you know Bea de Leon?
Take this quiz to measure how much of a fan you are of this Lady Eagle! (Photos taken from de Leon's Instagram: @_beadel)

There are varying levels of fandom in sports, extending from the point where you know the player’s stats every season to the point where you know which song played in the background at the father-daughter dance of her “debut” party. There’s also a level that counts unknowing fans, who might have bumped into a news item of a popular player only to google her, check her play and games on YouTube, and then become enamored enough to follow the athlete on social media.

Think you’re big enough of a fan? We here at ABS-CBN Sports then challenge you on how knowledgeable and familiar you are of our star players! Answer each of the following multiple-choice questions, with every choice you make corresponding to a point. The number of points you get at the end of the quiz will reveal how much you are a fan of our featured athlete! Here, we start with Ateneo Lady Eagles standout, one-time UAAP champion, and brand endorser Bea de Leon!


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1. De Leon, now on her third year, didn’t initially choose Ateneo for college. True or false?

a. True! De Leon came from a family of Lasallians. The Povedan alumna chose Ateneo because she lived nearby and liked how then teammates Alyssa Valdez and Denden Lazaro treated her! -2

b. False. De Leon has always wanted Ateneo, following in some of her teammates back in high school who also went to study in Katipunan. -0

2. Her most major injury was…

    a. Left knee injury. It was in Season 77 Final Four series when Ateneo faced NU. She tore her ACL, MCL, and medial meniscus, plus she suffered a big bone bruise. -0

    b. Dislocated finger. It was during training, when she blocked Maddie Madayag’s block only to injure it. It took two weeks for her to recover back to the game. -2


BCD. 🌊☀️🌴

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3. Name an easily noticeable trait of de Leon.

    a. Maarte. She’s a self-confessed “coño.” -1

    b. Mataray. If there are fans who find her boastful, this is precisely the reason why! -0

    c. Magulo. She’s so much so that BFF Maraguinot would even sneak into her stuff just to organize it! -2


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4. Who does de Leon look up to in sports?

    a. Alyssa Valdez. She became a mentor to de Leon and the rest, leaving big shoes to fill for this season’s Lady Eagles batch! -1

    b. The female athletes on the national team. De Leon cherishes her being part of it once, as it pulled together athletes coming from different schools and regions to wave that Philippine flag! -0

    c. Her dad Elmer whom she used to watch basketball games with as a kid. She owes him her being eventually involved in a variety of sports including badminton, golf, and swimming. -2

   d. She idolizes no one—really! It’s not de Leon’s thing to look for a #lifepeg! -2


Just because I miss you. 😭 #FriendshipGoals #MakeItToMe

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5. She and teammate Jhoana Maraguinot have always maintained a solid friendship. True or false?

   a. Very true! They were of the same age and course so they instantly hit it off. -0

   b. False. They found each other too different in terms of personality. De Leon came out as the meeker one compared to the very loud Maraguinot. -1

    c. False. Having different types of personality, De Leon and Maraguinot disliked each other at first and only became friends after some time. -2


You gotta love days like these. #Part2

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0-3 pts. = You’re on Team Volleyball!
You are only beginning to like de Leon, as she becomes the Lady Eagles’ newest face. You know she’s got the height and the skills to pose as a formidable middle blocker/outside hitter, but you have yet to discover more about her champion spirit—something she has exhibited very well in seasons past. But you’re so charmed with her on-court play you wouldn’t have a hard time sparing more time to “research” about her. Watch the games live if you can to witness how #heartstrong she really is!

4-6 pts. = You’re on Team Ateneo!
You love the Lady Eagles, and it’s an affection you have for everyone on the team. You follow them on Instagram and every now and then check out what one has to say about the other’s post. Your interest in Bea has grown especially after she took over the team from her title-raking Ate’s. You’re one with her as she and her team move forward to reclaim that trophy!

7-10 pts. = You’re #TeamBea!
For you, Bea is life. A little creepy, but we just mean that you fan over De Leon as much as basketball enthusiasts fan over the sport both as an event and as a lifestyle. You watch her every game live, and in case you miss one, you rely on the ABS-CBN S+A YouTube channel to catch up. You have followed her since her rookie year, and maybe even back as a Povedan volleyball player. You know that she’s a go-getter who is honest enough to admit the difficulty in taking over the team. Off the court, you know that while her being coño is part of her charm, she’s also one “cowboy” who craves for adventure and spontaneity!


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