#Relationshipgoals: United VC’s Michele Gumabao and gym owner Aldo Panlilio

Barry Viloria on Feb 13, 2017 02:48 PM
#Relationshipgoals: Michele Gumabao and Aldo Panlilio
They contrast with each other on a lot of things including their choice of NBA idols, until they talk about their similar obsession: sports and fitness. This Valentine’s, they’ll inspire you more about their love for lifting—and more!(Photos courtesy of Gumabao and Panlilio)

You see those photos of couples working out together, each of them so fit they’d pass as models promoting some sports apparel? That’s like seeing United VC player Michele Gumabao and boyfriend Aldo Panlilio at least twice a week when they’re sweating it out at the latter’s nearly-a-year-old gym—Grindhouse MNL—together. (The only thing is, our bro here doesn’t like taking gymfies.) But it’s not just fitness that binds the two, and going through their other points of similarity will make you think more how they fit each other like gloves. They’re both green-blooded—Gumabao, 24, graduated with a Marketing Management degree, while Panlilio, 26, took up Legal Management studies at DLSU and then Diplomatic Affairs at the College of St. Benilde. We all know about Gumabao’s UAAP three-peat in women’s volleyball and then her back-to-back reign in the 13th edition of the V-League with former team Pocari Sweat Lady Warriors. Panlilio is a baller himself who has joined commercial leagues like Passion Basketball, Liga Manila, Next5Hoops, and Kings Of The Court with his team Ohana. Beyond that, the contrasts start—starting with their personalities. Imagine a really noisy and perky lady next to her usually calm and laidback guy—that’s what we got after intruding with the sporty couple’s life recently!


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Describe your first meeting.
Panlilio: A friend set us up at his restaurant, Sobre Mesa in Pasig City. I just tagged along and got invites. I already knew of her so I gave it a chance. As for why Michele gave it a chance? Maybe, ‘cause (the restaurant) was near her game. Ha ha!
Gumabao: What he said! Sabi ko sa kanya punta na lang siya! Ha ha! After that, we just kept talking. We talked everyday—as in, everyday until today! Ha ha!

What was your first impression of each other?
G: Na mahilig siya sa gym! Ha ha! And he's smart so he's entertaining to talk to! And mas mayabang siya sakin!
P: Maybe that she was be taller than me in heels but that's it. Ha ha! She seemed outgoing and easy to get along with!

Would you say you complement each other? Or are you opposites?
P: Di naman complete opposites. Ha ha! I am pretty laidback and easygoing. I can get serious when it calls for it!
G: I think balanced lang. We're both very opinionated and have strong personalities but both understanding—Aldo is more understanding, though! We’re opposite in terms of basketball idols! Ha ha! I’m with Kobe Bryant! Hindi masyadong kilala idol niya eh—LeBron James! Ha ha!

How did you become close as friends—and then more?
P: We talked muna through text and it caught on from there. We just talked everyday. No specific time or event. It just happened. I'd also go watch her games!
G: In terms of hanging out, hindi naman agad-agad.

How do you bond as a couple?
P: Through eating! We eat wherever. Ha ha! It’s usually Salad Stop! for her.
G: He'd watch my games then we’d go out after. Anything that there's meat, Aldo's there! From shabu-shabu to buffet!
P: Ramen din!
G: With food kasi usually we go somewhere based on cravings, so we alternate choosing. Ako madalas may cravings so… Ha ha!

As a foodie couple, how do you integrate your same interest in fitness?
G: For us, fitness is our life and career na. Before Aldo put up his gym, he was a fitness enthusiast na. And me siyempre volleyball so sports talaga. And we bond over that a lot, we balance out our dates with dinner and working out. Ha ha! He does train me, although not regularly but whenever I’m free, dun talaga ako. He's super strict ! Hindi nya ako girlfriend sa gym! He's on coach mode talaga! He trains Mel (Gohing) also, so bonding namin ni Mel at night si Aldo. Kasi lagi kaming nag-uusap about our workouts, and kung gaano siya ka-strict and kahirap na coach sa gym!

What’s the sweetest thing you’ve done to each other?
G: Aldo is good with words so he's always sweet. Traveling together for me is the best and sweetest thing that we do for each other, cause we learn a lot about each other—just spending quality time together and just experiencing new things!


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What’s the most memorable destination you’ve been to together?
P: Well, anywhere we go together is memorable naman. Our Bohol trip was pretty good. We both got to see places we haven't seen! And it was a really good bonding experience for the both of us!

Name three things you love about the other.
P: She's easy to get along with, she's independent, she's passionate.
G: He's independent, he’s very protective, and that he adjusts always!

Name three things you hate about the other.
P: Nothing naman. Maybe when she parties too much? Ha ha!
G: Not naman hate! Ha ha! Maybe, he irritates me when he's slow to fix up, he's on his phone always during his fantasy NBA games! What else? When he scares me! Ha ha! I’m a super scaredy cat! As in! And I have weird phobias? I don’t want you call them!

What are you up to this Valentine’s?
P: We haven't planed it yet. Ha ha!


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