28 things you didn’t know about Jeron Teng by Jeanine Tsoi

Barry Viloria on Feb 15, 2017 08:59 PM
28 things you didn’t know about Jeron Teng by Jeanine Tsoi
The AMA Online Education star is hoping to win big for the Philippines at an upcoming Dubai tilt. Her Valentine’s Day “back-to-back” date and favorite courtside reporter sends her best here. (Photos courtesy of Teng and Tsoi)

Before he and former UAAP rival Kiefer Ravena head to UAE as two of the country’s reps at the 2017 Dubai Invitational Basketball Tournament in a few days, Jeron Teng celebrated Valentine’s Day like any person in a relationship would—he went on a date with his special someone Jeanine Tsoi. On. Two. Consecutive. Days. It sucks being single, no? We’ve all witnessed how their on-court friendship as a King Archer and two-time DLSU courtside reporter, respectively, blossomed into something more over time—one adorned with a recent UAAP men’s basketball title and documented heavily on Instagram. Before the back-to-back UAAP champ and now AMA Online Education Titans star Teng makes us proud(er) internationally, Tsoi bids him goodbye with this sweet, inspiring, tell-all interview about their growing relationship. What does she love or hate about the basketball player? What are their firsts together? The following will surely send you #JTxJT fans a day back with all the Valentine’s feels!


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I met Jeron during… UAAP Season 77, my first year as DLSU's courtside reporter!
When we just friends… Our conversations were all about sports. I'd usually talk to him to interview him for my reports.
His sports idol is… Russell Westbrook.
His favorite movie is… A walk to remember.
His favorite dish is… Chicken curry.
His most hated dish is… Anything with ginger.
His greatest fear is… Losing me daw according to Jeron! Ha ha!


2nd Valentine's Day together! 🤗 #latepost

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His first gift to me was… Perfume, chocolates, and a pen!
My first gift to him was… A jar of cookies I baked!
I hate Jeron when he… No hate! Just love! Ha ha!
Jeron hates me when… Again, no hate, just love! Ha ha!
I think Jeron’s best physical asset is… His eyes.
If he can change a part of his body, it would be his… None, he's perfect just the way he is!

The best word I can use to describe Jeron is… God-fearing.
The second best word to describe Jeron is… Go-getter.
Jeron’s BFF on the DLSU team is: Tommy!
Jeron is similar to brother Jeric because… They both share the same love and passion for basketball.
Jeron is different from Jeric because… He's cuter. Ha ha!
I love Jeron’s family because… They're really, really nice!


I think we did it better than Elphaba and G(uh)linda 🤣😜😆 @jeaninebeatrice

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Our best way to bond as a couple is… Laughing, eating, and being our silly selves!
Our most memorable travel was… Hiking Mt. Maculot. It was our first outdoor adventure together!
This Valentine’s, we… Watched wicked, our favorite Broadway play!
His most “heroic” deed ever was when… He makes time to see me even with his busy schedule.
The sweetest thing he has done to me was… All efforts he does for me is sweet. Ha ha!
We argue sometimes when… We can't decide where to eat.
My dream for Jeron is… To have genuine happiness.
Jeron’s dream for me is… To end up together daw! Ha ha!
Jeron’s other dream aside from playing ball is… To be a successful entrepreneur.


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