What Von Pessumal and Laura Lehmann find as ‘simple joys’

Barry Viloria on Feb 15, 2017 02:21 PM
What Von Pessumal and Laura Lehmann find as ‘simple joys’
The PBA player and sportscaster recently went on bae-cation for his 24th birthday! Learn the rest of the details here!

The city’s current chilly weather is a stark contrast to where GlobalPort Batang Pier guard Von Pessumal and @UpfrontatUAAP host Laura Lehmann have been to recently. If you’ve been following the couple from Ateneo closely through their Instagram Stories and photos in the past few days, you would have caught them warming it up at a local beach. The destination: Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club in Batangas. The purpose: To celebrate Pessumal’s 24th birthday last February 12, and, well, just for the extremely busy couple to spend quality time alone even just for a while.

“Well, our schedules are quite hectic and they often conflict. Von was in season for PBA and so we couldn't leave until it was over because they should focus on practice and games during the season. As soon as season ended, we left for the beach!” Lehmann recalls how the trip came about.

“As for me, I still have class as well as events that pop up here and there. So, it's quite difficult for me to find free time. Miraculously, though, we were both free last weekend and that never happens! So, we booked immediately—it’s sad we can never avail of those scheduled promos! And then just went to the beach & luckily the weather was on our side! We both love the water and the outdoors and so the beach is always our go-to-destination!” she adds, with us congratulating her for a photo shoot she’s had in Brisbane, Australia a week ago.


r&r ✔️

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View today. ❤ Thank you for the upgrade :) I am so genuinely in love with this place!! 😍

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#VonLau kept the escape short, as the PBA player would be called for official practice next week. They also kept it intimate, with a guest appearance by former Blue Eagle Emman Monfort and his girlfriend Jewel Navoa gifting him a cake and greeting him with their birthday regards.

Pessumal and Lehmann made sure every moment of the short bae-cation count. You’d really think feel for their demanding lifestyles especially when the former Ateneo courtside reporter posted a video of her baller boyfriend catching some z’s at the shore. In jest, Lehmann even captioned it with “Happy birthday sleeping beauty!”

“We relaxed, of course, but we're both pretty adventurous so we typically ended up doing water activities or even those on the sand, like Frisbee. We also met some people from different countries too and it made for good conversation!” Lehmann went on.


"Lau I want to go to the beach" 😑

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Happy V day @iamlauralehmann! We almost drowned taking this pic though 😂 - your adventure buddy

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My happy place :) 🌊

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The trip wasn’t that grand given the time constraints, but the loving couple meant it that way. For them, it’s the simplicity of it—opposite the unbelievably demanding careers they lead—that made it work.

“Yun lang,” Lehmann adds with a smile. “Simple lang kami with those stuff. It was a quick vacation for his birthday but it's important too I think for everyone to have a balance between work and play!”

As for the next trip? “We will probably fly out to another beach in the Philippines to explore!” gushes Lehmann, who hosts food and travel show Listed on Lifestyle Network and thus knows a thing or two about where to go for some much-needed couple vacay.


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