Grow a back that would make people mistake you for Christian Grey

Barry Viloria on Feb 20, 2017 07:23 PM
Grow your back a la Christian Grey from '50 Shades'
Here’s a workout to make you as talikodgenic as Jamie Dornan in that pull-up scene! (Photos by Vyn Radovan

Ignore the fact that we haven’t read the books or watched the movie and/or its sequel. With the second part of the trilogy known to have somehow challenged misogyny and put faux feminism on the front now showing—aka 50 Shades Darker, Jamie Dornan has become such a household name. And whether we guys like it or not, we have again subjected ourselves to pure self-loathing because, well, Christian Grey 2.0 is looking pumped in the film. And we’re just not. (We didn’t really google enough to visualize it, the trailer and some of his shirtless photos just found itself on our social media feed.)

But that’s some perk of a Hollywood matinee idol alright, having a topnotch trainer like Ramona Braganza keep watch of how he grew into this more athletic-looking sex god. Braganza, who also trained Dornan’s costar Dakota Johnson, told The New York Post, “I focused on an athletic muscular frame for him—not too bulky … but strong in appearance.”

How to grow a Christian Grey bod? We sought not the advice not Braganza, but close! Musician, commercial model, and actor Ryan Christopher Sy portrayed Elliott in the play Taylor in the 50 Shades: The Musical Parody, which was shown locally last December. Sy, in his late 20s, is an athlete and fitness buff himself. He was a swimmer who has competed in commercial leagues in Singapore, Taiwan, and Indonesia. He was a competitive boxer, too, who has won second place at a British University & College Sport boxing event in UK around 10 years ago. Last year, the hunk joined Century Tuna Superbods and made it as a finalist.

Sy notes how Dornan’s more sculpted back has been made prominent in a pull-up scene where Anastasia Steele watches Grey exercising. Plus, in the rest of—let’s say it—bed scenes. Envious of having a solid back like Dorman’s? Sy has some words of WOD wisdom.

“Back/tricep workouts allow you to maximize the weights you can lift for each muscle group. Usually, people pair their back and biceps because the workouts involve the same muscle groups. I find that you make the most improvement when training opposite muscle groups,” he says.

Sy helps devise the following back workout fitting for a body-perfect billionaire. It’s filled with supersets to also target the triceps for a more holistic approach. Do this workout once a week, pair it with a controlled diet, and you’re on your way to whatever fetish-crazy spirit animal that gets you by!

Pull-ups, 7 sets of 7 reps

SUPERSET 1: Lat pull-down (3 sets, 12 reps) + Standing dumbbell extension (3 sets, 12 reps)

SUPERSET 2: Rows  (3 sets, 12 reps) + Rope extension (3 sets, 12 reps)

Shot on location at Anytime Fitness, Paseo Center, Makati City. Special thanks to Jam Parungo.


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