How well do you know #KiefLy?

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How well do you know #KiefLy?
Take this quiz to know if you’re worthy of being part of #TeamThirty! (Photo by Barry Viloria)

Ever since they came out as a couple in—wait, that’s actually part of the following quiz—fans have been sent to a Phenom craze. Come to think of it, the obsession was even before they became an item, back when they were just legit friends and both part of the Ateneo varsity and, sooner, subjects of Twitter fan accounts and UAAP fan fiction. Kiefer Ravena and Alyssa Valdez, or #KiefLy, always had that drawing chemistry together. Because, really, when in recent history would two favorite sports superstars get together as a romantic couple than when they finally admitted being more than just friends? Players finding love on the court still remains a story of fantasy for many, but Ravena and Valdez have become as real as they got even when they had already left the career-launching collegiate league. (Ravena, of course, is now training with the NBA D-League team Texas Legends; Valdez, is also making the country proud as a player for 3BB Nakornnont in the Thailand Volleyball League.)

Are you a real #KiefLy fan who has followed their story together since? Do you think you’re worthy enough to be part of #TeamThirty? Welcome to our weekly “How well do you know?” where we quiz you about our featured favorite athletes! Just when you think you are already too familiar with them, think again! Answer each of the following multiple-choice questions, with every choice you make corresponding to a point. The number of points you get at the end of the quiz will reveal how much you know about our subjects!


Happiness is not sharing your ice cream. 😂

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What sport are they more interested in playing together?

a. Basketball! Ravena brought glory to Ateneo with two championships. So, organizing a charity event for Yolanda victims in 2013—where Valdez and other volleyball stars like Michele Gumabao and Rachel Daquis themselves shot hoops—just made sense. -1

b. Volleyball! Ravena and Valdez assembled a volleyball friendly as a charity event for Nona victims in 2015. The two lovebirds captained opposing teams. Ever since the two dated, Ravena has even taken on a volleyball analyst job! -2

c. Chess! They’re not just proficient in physical pampalakasan. They’re also woodpushers! -0

How did they celebrate Valentine’s 2017?
a. A beach trip in Batangas. Nothing beats celebrating Hearts’ Day together than a trip to Valdez’ hometown with her hubby beside her! -0
b. A tour in Thailand ahead of Valentine’s Day with Ravena doing a quick flight before returning to the States for his NBA D-League training. -2
c. A tour in Thailand ahead of Valentine’s Day with the two staying there for a week—Valdez is currently based there anyway, so it was perfect! -1

How did Ravena and Valdez get to know each other?

a. They’re just co-athletes who met on campus, nothing really romantic. -1

b. As co-athletes, they would hang out on campus and then it progressed from there. -2
c. Valdez first knew Ravena through his mom Mozzy—the two ladies are both UST alumni. -1


I eight you. I love you.

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KiefLy’s “ship” number is…
a. “17” = Ravena’s jersey number 15 plus Valdez’, in honor of former Ateneo star Chris Tiu’s jersey number. -0
b. ”30” = Because it sounded like the pair’s number one shipper and Ravena’s younger brother who later took over the Ateneo basketball team, Thirdy. -1
c. “30” = Ravena’s jersey number multiplied by Valdez’. -2

What’s the biggest gift they’ve received from fans?
a. Time. As Kiefer said in a previous interview, “Talagang sobrang appreciative kami doon sa time na binibigay nila kasi minsan weekdays, kahit weekends—time for their family, time for themselves dapat nila yun pero nanunood pa rin sila ng games namin.” -2
b. A restaurant. The restaurant Ally's All-Day Breakfast Place in Cubao actually came to be after a wealthy but anonymous fan gifted them some capital to put up their own business! –0
c. Flowers. Every time the fans watch any of their games, expect a bundle of flowers from them. “Ako kasi, I really love flowers!” said Alyssa in a past interview. -1

Ravena and Valdez have appeared on the cover of Chalk and UAAP Magazine 10 times, including the ones they were together and apart. Name three other people they have been with on the cover of any of the magazines.
a. Jeron Teng. Arnold van Opstal. Jeanine Tsoi. -1
b. Jaja Santiago. Mike Tolomia. Carmela Tunay. -2
c. Jeron Teng. Jaja Santiago. Mika Reyes. -1


Soaking up all the amazing things life has to offer.

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On what day did Ravena and Valdez publicly confirm for the first time that they’re it?
a. June 8, 2016. – At the taping of Tonight With Boy Abunda. –2
b. October 31, 2015. - At the taping of Tonight With Boy Abunda. –0
c. December 23, 2015. – At the “FASTBR3AK" charity game they staged together. -0

Who is funnier between the two?
a. Ravena. “Hindi niya lang na-aappreciate ‘yung mga joke ko!” says Valdez of her beau. -2
b. Ravena. “Sobrang korni niya. As in sobra,” Valdez calls her boyfriend. -1

What is their favorite app to help connect them with their fans?
a. Twitter. -1
b. Instagram. -2
c. Facebook. -0

Before Ravena, Valdez was heavily linked with whom?
a. Jovee Avila, a former player of the UST men’s volleyball team. -1
b. Mico Lucindo, an alumnus of the UP men’s volleyball team, also Valdez’ former co-varsity back in UST. -0
c. Alfred Valbuena, a player for the UP MVT. Hence, #FredLy. -1


When the lady has a higher vertical than you. 😑 SMH.

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0-7 pts. = You’re Team Outsider!
Wait, haven’t you heard? KiefLy is the hottest sports pairing in town next to Posh and Becks. We left half a joke there, but, really, you are so left out on how high they’ve been soaring after their collegiate stint that you might still be hung-over from their UAAP career. Follow them on Instagram and Twitter--now!

8-13 pts. = You’re Team Alyssa OR Kiefer!
You love one more than the other, and in fact, at times, you hated the latter for some unknown reason. Still, this didn’t affect your level of fandom when you found out they were an item. You are such a fan of one of them you initally chose to ship him/her with a forgotten ex. But Ravena and Valdez’ realness together has recently captivated you, and it’s been obvious how you’re starting to feel kilig for them, too. That’s a valid feeling, we say!

14-20 pts. = You’re Team #KiefLy!
You know their height measurements, their degrees, the names of every member of their immediately family, their recent travel destinations, their secret dreams, and all. You loved them back when they were still in the UAAP—and we mean, including the junior league. You have followed their respective love lives even before they found each other as the best fit. You were one of those secretly shipping them from the start, having peeked at those silly WattPad novels of them in your spare time. You gushed in extreme delight after they finally admitted that they’re indeed a couple at that TV interview, something you didn’t miss for anything, of course. You lose your breath reading and seeing their sweet nothings to each other online. You have been there since the start, and you will be there every step of the way wherever their high-flying dreams take them!

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