Four stylish ways to fit athleisure pants into your daily routine

ABS-CBN Sports on Feb 23, 2017 04:02 PM
Four ways to fit athleisure pants into your daily routine
The athleisure trend has made the transition from the gym to pretty much anywhere, very smoothly.

The latest athleisure trend that’s sweeping the urban streetwear scene is gaining more and more traction with the rise of a more health-conscious mindset among the youth. 

Popularized by off-duty models abroad, the trend has already blurred the line that separates gym outfits and streetwear staples, which calls for your workout clothes should seamlessly gel into your streetwear wardrobe, and vice-versa.

Encouraging a balance between style and multi-functionality, the trend allows the on-the-go woman to breeze through her daily activities in chic and comfy clothing that can take her from her morning workout routine to her workplace and even to a lunch date without breaking a sweat. 

Versatile and timelessly fashionable, jeans are and always will be the go-to piece for casual dressing. But normal jeans can be too much to deal with as denim isn’t the most comfortable of clothing options.

Denim brand Freego recognizes the need for jeans that have a perfect mix of style, functionality and flexibility, so they have pioneered an innovative product that promises to be the ultimate pair of jeans: The Freego yoga Jeans. 

Sure, they may look straight out of your everyday closet, but can you actually wear these jeans to the gym, the office and around the streets.

This newest denim innovation has an urban style and convenient form-flattering design that is made from ultra-stretchable, wrinkle resistant, and quick dry fabric. It also has hidden waistband security pockets that put the “fun” in function. 


Here are style tips on how to make it work for your everyday look:

1. Going to the Gym – Wear it with basic yet trendy activewear pieces in subdued colors and punctuate your look with a spunky pair of cross-trainers for more personality. No time to change for a quick meet-up with a friend? Try to break the monotony of your activewear by layering a plaid button-down over your sports bra or tying one around your waist. 

2. Going to the Office – Mix the office-staple blazer, topped over a crisp button-down, with your Yoga Jeans. Finish off your look with a classy pair of pumps or strappy heels—or, if your workplace allows it, a pair of sporty kicks. For a less traditional office look, stylish cardigans could also work as an alternative.

3. Going to a Lunch Date – Wear it underneath a fun dress, or match it with a pullover. Complete your look with complementary accessories, and keep it interestingly urban with a chic pair of flats or a trendy pair of sneakers.

4. Going on a Dinner Date - Pull of a sexy evening-appropriate look by styling it with a dressy blouse, like an off-shoulder top. Don’t forget to put on a sexy pair of ankle heels for a dose of sophistication.      

FREEGO is available in all leading department stores nationwide. Follow FREEGO on, @freego_jeans on Instagram and Twitter, and FREEGOjeans on Youtube.


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