Here’s a must-try low-impact workout if you’re on tito/tita vibes

Barry Viloria on Feb 25, 2017 10:36 PM
Here’s a must-try low-impact workout if you’re on tita vibes
Feeling intimidated by the physique-perfect peeps at the gym? Here’s a unique activity that will get you lean and balanced while keeping your sanity in check! (Photo taken from barre3 Philippines' Instagram account: @barre3ph)

The location couldn’t be more strategic in relation to the fitness principles taught at this studio. The barre3 center—teaching a unique, low-impact workout inspired by yoga and pilates—is right inside at the imperturbable The Spa at EDSA Shangri-La Mall - East Wing in Mandaluyong. It’s where the barre3 instructors get you closer to their goal of helping you “find balance” within your body.

Barre3 is an American concept conceived in 2008. Masterminds Sadie and Chris Lincoln, a couple, sought to introduce a new brand of “fitness melding exercise, nutrition, and community” through barre3. With its mentioned inspirations, the workout is more calm and controlled than other high-intensity exercises. The techniques taught follow their signature three-step sequence: Hold-Move Small-Move Big. Such then involves a full range of motion, ranging from stretching and holding one’s breath to small movements that involve body weight, lightweight dumbbells, and even a bar. If you ask us, it’s best for those who think they are too “tito” and “tita” fatigues from intense workouts, but still would want to develop a lean and strong body through a relatively milder alternative.


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Yet, don’t think barre3 as anything as just mild. Like yoga and pilates, it challenges various parts of the body enough to make the one-hour session a total body workout. Because it treats both the body and the mind, the following are promised as results: lean and toned muscles, increased metabolism, weight loss, better posture, and healthier digestion.

“It’s not like the usual gym where you target one section at a time. Here, we do different things in different planes of movement so we hit everything within 60 minutes,” says Gale Corpus, one of the barre3 instructors.


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You can take three barre3 classes a week, with a rest day or two in between. Again, balance is this discipline’s unifying statement.

Stresses instructor Karen Gudani, “The muscles also need to rest and regenerate. There are some who prefer to do it consecutive days talaga, but other days they would have to take it easy which is okay. We also encourage everybody to listen to their body whether it’s their first time or they have an injury or they’re training for something. So, if yesterday you did a good hard workout for yourself, maybe for today you won’t be using any dumbbells for extra weights, you’ll just use your body weight or something like that.”

Barre3 especially works on improving one’s flexibility and mobility, making it a perfect method of recovery or therapy for pregnant women, seniors, and pro athletes nursing an injury.

It’s part of the studio’s versatility that Gudani even recalls having teenage ballerinas, soccer athletes, and runners as clients at least once—“It’s just that when you come to class, know that we can give you options to adjust.”


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