Quick and easy exercises for a rainy day workout at home

ABS-CBN Sports on Jul 27, 2017 05:31 PM
Quick and easy exercises for a rainy day workout at home
Get a workout in at home, even when the rain is pouring outside! (Screenshot from DyanCastillejo on Youtube)

So imagine this: you're about to head out for a gym session, or maybe a quick run. You're all set, you've got everything you need on and then...splash! 

Strong rains begin to fall, too strong for you to continue your run or push through to the gym, and you're stuck at home, about to miss out on that endorphin high. 

Yeah, this can happen from time to time during the rainy season, but truth be told, the rains shouldn't be a reason for you to miss out on workout. 

The next time that the rains foil your workout plans, fear not for here are some quick and easy workouts that you can do in the comfort of your own home, to get that rainy-day sweat going! 



Cardio is an important part of any workout, as it gets the heart pumping and gets you all warmed up. A simple cardio workout that anyone can do in their living rooms or garage is jogging in place. A quick ten to fifteen minute set should do the trick. 

Looking for a little more intense cardio at home? Try going up and down the stairs. This won't only get your heart beating faster, but it'll also tone your lower extremities. Try going up and down fifteen to twenty times, or more if you'd like, just be sure to do it carefully, so as not to trip and stumble. 

If you've got yourself a spacious living room or garage, another good form of cardio is skipping rope. A twenty to thirty minute set should get you started nicely. 



Now that you've gotten a sweat going, time to work on those abs and develop a rock-hard core. 

ABS-CBN reported and fitness enthusiast Dyan Castillejo shows us a quick ten-minute workout that anyone can do at home. It's got crunches, planks, and everything you can do to tighten that tummy. 

Check it out: 


Here's something you can do using the furniture you have at home: 



Now that you've got your core worked on, time to toughen up those arms and tone that chest, and there's probably no more complete workout for those two areas than the ever dependable push-up. Doing push-ups not only strenghens your arms and sculpts the chest, it also hits other areas like the back and shoulder. 

Another simple home excercise for the arms is the tricep dip, which can be done almost anywhere! 



We can't skip legs, of course! Do some lunges and some squats to make sure that your legs and your glutes are also worked on! 


There you go! So the next time that the rain is pouring and you're itching for a workout, don't sweat...better yet, do sweat, with these workouts anyone can do at home! 

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