Miss World PH Laura Lehmann takes the MRT to avoid EDSA traffic

ABS-CBN Sports on Sep 16, 2017 11:51 AM
Miss World PH Laura Lehmann takes the MRT to avoid traffic
"Happy happy heartstrong nalang tayo okay??" (photo from @iamlauralehmann on Instagram)

Ever since becoming the new Miss World Philippines, Laura Lehmann has had a pretty tight schedule. 

With guestings and commitments left and right, a lot of times she'll need to hop from one place to another in the quickest time possible. 

Unfortunately for Filipinos in the Metro, getting from Point A to Point B isn't exactly a breeze, what with all the traffic. 

Sadly, not even the Miss World Philippines can be spared from having to go through Metro Manila traffic, but instead of just sitting and waiting, Lau decided to find a faster way to get around. 

Needing to go to four events on a hectic payday Friday, Lau hopped on the MRT, which does get from Point A to Points B, C, and D faster, but isn't the most spacious ride out there.

Still, no sweat for Queen Lau, who managed to still look as glamorous as ever, even with a sea of people around her. 

Kudos to Lau, who used the Ateneo Lady Eagles' 'Happy Happy Heartstrong' mantra to get her through the day! 

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