Kib Montalbo's birthday message for Desiree Cheng is really sweet, you guys

ABS-CBN Sports on Sep 29, 2017 10:49 AM
Kib Montalbo has a sweet birthday message for Des Cheng
(Photo courtesy of Desiree Cheng on Instagram: @chengcherengcheng)

De La Salle Lady Spiker Desiree Cheng celebrated her 21st birthday Thursday, and while tons of people sent out heartfelt greetings to the reigning UAAP women's volleyball Finals MVP, for us, this one stood out. 

I mean, of course it did, because it came from the other half of #KibRee. 

"Continue to be an inspiration to everyone, and I'm always here for you no matter what." wrote DLSU Green Archers point guard Kib Montalbo. 


If you guys remember, Des gave Kib a nice little message of her own before the start of the 80th season of the UAAP. 

#KibRee, you guys. It's real, and it's stronger than ever! 


Happy Happy Birthday, Des! Cheers to your 21st! 

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