Shoe Review: adidas UltraBOOST X ATR for women

ABS-CBN Sports on Nov 27, 2017 12:44 PM
Shoe Review: adidas UltraBOOST X ATR for women
The adidas Ultraboost X ATR was made to give high-performance, out of this world cushioning and unparalleled comfort.

The new adidas Ultraboost X ATR for women was designed for trail runnining, but it proved to be a shoe for everyday use. We put the shoe to the test and here are our observations:


The first thing one notices is that the rubber sole is not entirely attached to the upper part of the shoe. To be specific, the front (ball) and back (heel) parts of the shoe are attached to the sole while the middle (arch) is suspended above the sole. The upper part of the shoe was made of a lightweight, fabric-type material that was soft to the touch. The shoelaces are utilitarian. Overall, the shoe is lightweight and flexible.


When trying on the sneaker for the first time, one gets a feel of how snug the fit is. The foot, from the ankle to the toes, is encased in the shoe. It almost feels like a compression sock with full arch support. Once on the feet, one immediately feels that the muscles in the legs and butt are engaged as you easily balance the weight on the heel and on the ball of the feet. You can literally smile in appreciation of having your foot’s arch fully supported. You may need just some minor adjustments with the laces since the fit is already snug.


Once walking, the forward motion shifts smoothly without a hitch. Picking up speed and walking faster, the muscles of the legs are engaged anew and for some reason, your gait shifts and posture straightens. The shoe’s sole effectively absorbed the impact regardless of the surface: cement, marble, wood, grass and gravel. On wet surfaces, the sole remains steady and grips the ground firmly.


Even when not in motion, the adidas Ultraboost X ATR delivers. Standing in line at the MRT during peak hours and your feet and legs will not feel tired. The superbly-cushioned soles cradles the feet for over 45 minutes while waiting to board a train. Though it was not tried on for travel on a plane, there's a sneaky feeling that the adidas Ultraboost X ATR would perform excellently during long-haul flights.

Another observation is that given the snug fit, the toes and ankles did not chafe against the material of the shoe. There was no “new sneaker” chafing that is usually experienced on pinky toes and on the backs of the ankles.
The more one uses the adidas Ultraboost- be it running errands, exercising, walking the dog, going to the supermarket and even staying out late (this trusty shoe helps in getting you home safe and in one, upright piece after one too many glasses of wine) the more one is convinced that one has indeed found the go-to sneaker. The is no reason why one should wear or buy other sneakers.


Five out of five stars!

Looks-wise, the adidas Ultraboost X ATR may not win any awards. However, this shoe was not made to win any style points. It was made to give you what you need out of a sneaker: high-performance, out of this world cushioning and unparalleled comfort. And in this day and age where style has a tendency to win more points than substance, the adidas Ultraboost X ATR proves that what lies beneath still counts the most.

Since the holidays are near and bonuses are for the taking, the adidas Ultraboost X ATR deserves a place in your holiday shopping list. This shoe is worth every hard-earned cent.

The adidas Ultraboost X ATR for women retails at P9,995 and is available at adidas stores and online.










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