Thirdy Ravena's best moments of 2017

ABS-CBN Sports on Dec 26, 2017 05:07 PM
Thirdy Ravena's best moments of 2017
2017 was definitely Thirdy Ravena's year.

Thirdy Ravena is slowly becoming one of the torchbearers of the UAAP.

The versatile forward from season 80 champions Ateneo de Manila was a member of the Mythical Team, and was hailed as the Finals MVP.

Thirdy has slayed 2017 like a true champion, and his accomplishments, on and off the court, reflect that fact.


He made his superstar athlete family proud


Finally got one. 🥇 📸 @johnoranga_mw

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Thirdy Ravena is part of a family full of superstar athletes, and definitely continued the Ravena's winning tradition.

His dad Bong Ravena was a decorated PBA star, while his mom Mozzy, during her heydays with UST, was one of the most feared hitters in volleyball.

His siblings, Kiefer and Dani, are top-tier athletes in their own right. Their talent, and their incredible work ethic certainly runs in the family.


He showed off the volleyball genes he got from his momma

In the previous UAAP season, Thirdy had a couple of plays where he showed flashes of those volleyball genes handed down by his mom Mozzy, a former star hitter for the UST women's volleyall team.


He basically turned into the Russell Westbrook of Fashion in the UAAP


Thirdy has been heard saying more than a couple of times now that one oh his fashion inspirations is NBA MVP Russell Westbrook of the OKC Thunder.

When it comes to his wardrobe, Thirdy is definitely the MVP. When players settle for a shirt and a pair of jeans every post-game, you can see Thirdy rocking some incredibly fashion-forward stuff.


He became even more ripped

Look at those guns. Not only is Thirdy well-versed when it comes to fashion, he also has the physical gifts to complement his style.

And it isn't just for show, either. He's been seen completing a couple of difficult plays that no mere mortal outside the NBA can complete.


He redeemed himself bigtime with Finals MVP-worthy Performance

Thirdy raised some eyebrows with the way he played in Ateneo's UAAP season 79 Finals loss to De La Salle in two games.

As we know by now, he's moved past that, and then some by winning the Finals MVP award. Not only was Ravena key in the Blue Eagles' first title since 2012, they were also able to dethrone their tormentors from the previous year.


He's a Mythical Team member

Did we say he's moved past his struggles? Let us reiterate: Thirdy is legit.

Averaging 14.4 points, 8.4 rebounds, and 3.3 assists per contest, Thirdy was able to cement his place as part of the UAAP season 80's elite.

He's all about giving back

Thirdy visited some kids in the hospital a few days back. 

In what appears to be a parternship with Jr. NBA, he says he had a "great time" making each child's Christmas a tad better. He's the real MVP for this one.

He proved that he can definitely keep his cool


When you get famous like Thirdy is, you'll be bombarded with a ton of hate. Good thing he's already a pro at handling the negativity on Twitter.

In an exclusive clip with ABS-CBN Sports, Thirdy read some incredibly mean Tweets, with most targeting his looks.

While reading the vile messages, his smile never left his face, which only means one thing: haters don't matter to Thirdy.


He added a lot of kicks to his already killer sneaker collection


While his clothes definitely catch your attention, his sneakers are on a different level.

Everytime he gets his hands on a rare release, count on Thirdy to flex on the 'Gram.

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