Awra, Thirdy, and the the funniest lookalikes in sports

Paul Lintag on Dec 29, 2017 04:00 PM
Awra, Thirdy, and the the funniest lookalikes in sports
Awra, the long-lost Ravena sister?

Everyone out here is unique, don't ever let other people tell you otherwise.

However, there are 7 billion people on planet Earth, sometimes you just can't help but find someone that looks eerily similar like you.

In sports, it happens more than you think. Which is funnier not only for the sports star but for his lookalike and for us normal people as well.

Mga Kapamilya, marvel at the best doppelgängers in the land.


LA Tenorio and "LA Tenorio"

The most recent of course is LA Tenorio meeting his well... older brother.

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At the end of Christmas Clasico this year, the Ginebra leader got the shock of his life when he met Lando Pormento Bago.

It was so great even Marc Pingris joined in on the fun and had to take a photo with not one, but two, LA Tenorios.


The Spark

Ginebra players have a lot of doppelgangers, tbh.

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After the Gin Kings won their first of back-to-back Governors' Cup titles, the long-lost member of the Fast and the Furious showed up.

Alvin Corpuz looks and dresses like Mark Caugioa, He also claims that he plays like Caguioa too. Well, okay then.



First of all, Bimby is a national treasure. You can tell that Ms. Kris Aquino is doing a fantastic job of raising him as a single parent.

Second of all, Bimby looks like Thomas Torres. Plain and simple.

Come on now, how can you not scream "Biiiiiimb!" everytime you see Torres.


The long-lost Ravena

Joke all you want about Awra and Thirdy Ravena being lookalikes but what do you know, the high-flying Blue Eagle knows that too and he more or less thinks the same way.

Oh yes he does.

And no, he does not look like Marlou and/or Xander Ford. Come on now.


Mr. President or Hip-hop star?

It's amazing how the nickname "Mr. President" stuck with Gabe Norwood just because he looked a lot like Barack Obama when he first came to the PBA.

But guess what, Gabe is no longer rocking the same hairstyle as Obama and they don't really look alike nowadays.

If you didn't know much about basketball but you appreciate music, you might wonder my J. Cole is playing for Gilas Pilipinas and Rain or Shine.

The resemblance is uncanny right?


Do you know any more sports doppelgangers out there? Come @ us.




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