Vice Ganda continues retro NBA flex with Ewing, 'Grandmama'-inspired shirts

ABS-CBN Sports on Jun 20, 2018 08:40 AM
 Vice continues retro NBA flex with Ewing, Grandmama shirts
Vice Ganda followed up his string of retro NBA shirts with a couple of obscure choices.

Hoya Destroya. Grandmama. Vice Ganda's know-how on NBA history looks rock solid, judging by his choice in fashion the past couple of days.

A couple of days ago, we chronicled the 'It's Showtime' host's random yet very welcome NBA-inspired looks on the noontime show.

He has since added a couple more to his repertoire.

While the NBA won't return for another four months, Vice has been on a roll in spreading basketball love.

After rocking a retro Warriors bomber jacket, and shirts depicting the legendary uniforms of Larry Bird, Dennis Rodman, and Magic Johnson, Vice followed it up with a couple more offbeat choices of 90's NBA stars to represent.


Vice stretched his retro NBA flex by donning a shirt inspired by the classic home New York Knicks jersey with arguably one of the franchise's best centers in the Hoya Destroya Patrick Ewing.



Vice Ganda was also seen rocking a bright Larry Johnson Charlotte Hornets shirt the following day.

The hulking forward, who got the nickname 'Grandmama' for his epic string of commercials for shoe brand Converse is an obscure choice for a jersey but that's what we like about this choice by Vice.

While he has since moved on from his retro NBA fashion phase, Vice's solid week of reppin' the league we all know and love with his daily rotation will live on. 

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