WATCH: Pinoy hooper's fake-injury wedding proposal goes viral

ABS-CBN Sports on Jun 28, 2018 01:28 PM
Pinoy hooper's fake-injury wedding proposal goes viral
(Photo/Video courtesy of Basketball Forever on Facebook)

The beautiful thing about this age of social media and the internet is that when something catches one's fancy, it's bound to spread around like wildfire. 

This little phenomenon is called 'going viral'. 

Such was the case for a Filipino baranggay basketball player's clever approach at popping the question. 

The video, whose origins remains unknown as of the moment, was posted by popular Facebook community Basketball Forever, and has been reposted by numerous outlets since. 

As you can see, the video begins with a man, sprawled out face-first onto a concrete floor in what appears to be a neighborhood baranggay basketball court. It looks like he was injured badly during a baranggay liga basketball game. My goodness!

Of course, people gather around to see if the guy is conscious, or at least okay. 

A young lady in white also rushes to the fallen baller's side, which leads viewers to believe that she's someone of importance to the man on the floor. 

After moments of being probed, the guy pops up to one knee, already with ring in hand as he proposes to the stunned young woman as they on-lookers cheer. 

As this is a basketball-themed proposal, the assist of the night came from the guy who handed the bouquet of flowers, which can be seen at the 0:56 second mark. Good looking out, bud. 

Now, we're not entirely sure if lover boy was able to get the W by getting the Y-E-S, since the video ended abrupbtly, but we certainly hope so. 

Now, the fake basketball injury isn't an entirely new concept when it comes to proposals. 

Back in 2015, we ran a story about professional baller Alex Johnson using a game of one-on-one and a fake knee injury to propose to then-girlfriend Brey Dorsett

Still, it's a very unique approach, wouldn't you say.

Ah, love and basketball definitely go hand-in-hand. 

Congratulations to the happy new couple! 

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