Floyd Mayweather Jr. buys watch worth nearly a billion pesos

ABS-CBN Sports on Jun 29, 2018 12:07 PM
Floyd Mayweather Jr. buys watch worth nearly a billion pesos
(AP Photo/John Locher)

Every now and then, retired boxing superstar Floyd 'Money' Mayweather makes headlines for his rather lavish way of life. 

The undefeated former mult-time world champion has take his 'Money' monicker and turned into somewhat a lifestyle. 

From flaunting his earnings to exorbitant haircut expenses, and million-dollar manions paid for in cold cash, Mayweather isn't shy, by any stretch, about his wealth. 

On this episode of "Lifestyles of The Rich and Floyd Mayweather Jr.", we take a look at his latest, inexplicably expensive, and arguably unnecessary purchase. 

Take a gander at the so-called "The Billionaire Watch" 

Already sounds expensive? 

Here's how it looks:

As Floyd says on his post, the watch, officially known as "The Billionaire" is a unique timepiece from world-famous jewellry and timepiece retailer Jacob & Co, and bought by Mayweather from Japanese jeweller Tadashi Fukushima. 

For how much, you ask? A cool 18-million dollars. 

That's nearly a billion pesos. (P961,281,000.00 to be exact, in today's exchange rate.)

Let that sink in for a bit. Go take a look at it again, if you want. 

According to the Jacob & Co. page for the watch, it's 18K white gold, 260-carats of emerald-cut diamonds, and other, very, very expensive materials. 

Never change, Floyd. Never change. 

In case you're interested, Floyd Mayweather Jr. was in the Philippines just a month ago. During his five-day stay, he got to enjoy Palawan and Davao, as well as shoot some hoops. You can read about all of that, as well as other Mayweather content HERE

If you had a nearly a billion pesos to spare, what would you do with it? 


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