WATCH: Jarvey Gayoso brings football and basketball together in this highlight clip

ABS-CBN Sports on Jun 29, 2018 11:14 AM
Gayoso pulls off football crossover on the basketball court
Jarvey Gayoso out here doing football things on the basketball court though.

Remember that time when Jarvey Gayoso showed off his basketball skills

Yeah, well it looks like the Ateneo Men's Football Team's star striker isn't done building his hardwood highlight reel. 

Like we said, we all know what Jarvey can do on the football pitch, and he's shown us glimpses of what he can do on the basketball court. 

Now, what if he puts both of those things together? 

My goodness. 

In the video you see above, Jarvey mercilessly breaks his defenders ankles with a vicious crossover of the football kind, and then finishes it off with a sweet, sugary finger roll. 

Then he celebrates ala LeBron James. 

Obviously that's completely against the rules in's like a combination of travelling, double-dribble, lifting, all of those things. 

But who cares, it's the offseason, and this is all for fun, right?

We just hope the guy he crossed up is okay.  

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