Could LeBron James' latest shoe be the best?

Anton Roxas on Sep 30, 2018 04:32 PM
Could LeBron James' latest shoe be the best?
The LeBron 16 is an upgrade from the previous iteration.

“These are the shoes that LeBron James will be wearing when he leads the LA Lakers back to the NBA Playoffs in the 2018-2019 season.”

That was what Coach Xavi Nunag said when he welcomed me and my fellow members of the media along with other consumers to the Nike Trialing Event of the new LeBron 16 signature shoes held Saturday morning at the Nike Hypercourt in BGC.

Anton Roxas (third from left, second row) poses with select members of the media, coaches and consumers during Nike's trial event for the LeBron 16. 

The first thing I noticed about the shoe was the red and black colorway. I would’ve thought LeBron’s new shoes would be purple and gold as he is now the producer, director and lead actor of “Showtime”.

Apparently, LeBron, who idolized Michael Jordan growing up, was a fan of the Chicago Bulls pinstripe jersey in the late 90s. This initial design and “Bred” colorway is an ode to those classic threads MJ and his teammates used to wear. With the advancements in technology nowadays, Nike created this design using materials they call Battleknit 2.0 – Nike’s strongest knit ever. It’s an upgrade from the Battleknit used in the LeBron 15s.

Speaking of the 15s, I consider them the most comfortable basketball shoes I’ve ever worn. I wore them fresh out the box and never experienced any pain on my feet. I got the exact same feeling when I put on the 16s. The only difference was, there was more room on the ankle area, which would allow me to be more mobile.

Anton Roxas drives to the basket wearing the new LeBron 16. 

Coach Xavi put us through a series of drills where we could test the functionality of the shoes. One particular drill had us catching the ball in the elbow with a defender attempting to stop the offensive player from scoring a basket. To emphasize how LeBron is a player who doesn’t waste any movements, Coach Xavi limited the offensive player’s dribbles to just three.

With the LeBron 16, I felt comfortable pivoting and using my jab step before making my move towards the basket. The traction was excellent and the full-length Max Air bag with Zoom Air units on the soles of the shoes provided the cushion I needed for a smooth landing.

I was asked several times how I felt with the shoes on. And the only word I could think of was the word, “strong”.

The LeBron 16 was built for the strongest. If you look at the heel part of the shoe, you will see the embossed image of a lion which represents the ferocity and competitive nature of LeBron James. I love how they used suede material for that part because it adds class and style to the shoe. Unlike the 15s, the LeBron 16s can be worn with a variety of clothing options. I can imagine wearing them with joggers.

Overall, the LeBron 16 is an upgrade from the previous iteration. The 15s were a breakthrough model, and I think it’s great that Nike decided to stick with a lot of the elements from that shoe to this one. Personally, I will be using these shoes primarily for basketball and when they get a bit older, I’ll probably bring them with me to the gym.

The Nike LeBron 16 ‘Fresh Bred’ is now available at all Titan stores at Php 9,895.00. If you’re a Laker fan, then I’m pretty sure you will agree with what Coach Xavi said at the start of our session.
Time to get a piece of history before its made.

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