Harden's latest shoe ready to compete as Most Valuable Shoe this season

Paul Lintag on Sep 30, 2018 06:12 PM
Harden's latest shoe ready to compete as Most Valuable Shoe
The adidas Harden Vol. 3 is almost here.

adidas' latest flagship signature shoe is here and its ready to compete as one of the best for the upcoming basketball season.

Just recently, adidas Philippines gave a select group a chance to try the all-new Harden vol. 3, the latest signature shoe for the NBA's reigning Most Valuable Player, James Harden of the Houston Rockets.

Luckily, I was one of the few fortunate enough to lace the Harden vol. 3s before anyone else this is pretty much I have to say about the latest flagship from the three stripes.

Before everything though, a couple of things regarding this piece. This is by no means a performance review.

Why you ask?

Well first of all, I am not Nightwing, and second of all, we only played with the shoe for a couple of hours. Any reviewer worth his salt will know that that's not enough for a comprehensive review.

So let's call this one a performance preview of sorts, with a couple of things that you might want to know and expect before the all-new adidas Harden Vol. 3 hits shelves in a couple of weeks.



Gone is the data-driven pattern from the first two Harden signature models. For the Vol. 3, adidas is putting herringbone in the traction for its latest flagship.

Herringbone is tried-and-tested and for the Harden Vol. 3, it works. The tractions gives you multi-directional coverage on pretty much any movement, which is the strength of the pattern itself.

The shoe we played in, which was the Cosmos colorway, also featured solid rubber and that helps add to the traction's solid performance. Other colorways will have translucent rubber in them but with a solid herringbone pattern, the Harden Vol. 3 should have no problem performing.



Full-length Boost returns to the Harden signature model.

The Boost on the Harden 1 was super low while the Boost on the Harden 2 was super thick. The Boost on the Harden 3 is right in the middle.

Cushioning in the Vol. 3 has just enough to give you balance with court feel and impact protection. The shoe by which all Boost shoes are measured has to be the Ultra Boost and the feel on the Harden Vol. 3 is nowhere near that.

You don't necessarily need that kind of cushioning in basketball but the Vol. 3 lets you have that heavenly Boost feel while being stable and firm enough to grip the court for quick movements.



Textile mesh makes its return to the Harden Vol. 3 and while it's no Primeknit, it certainly gets the job done as well.

The upper is flexible enough for comfort while being supportive. There's hits of leather here and there but they're there mostly for cosmetic purposes, the body of the shoe is really that mesh upper.

While you might expect more of adidas' premium or more advanced materials for its flagship signature, if the material works, there's really no reason to change.



adidas let me try on my true size of US 11 and it fits just the way I like it.

My feet are slightly on the narrow side and I can say that the Harden Vol. 3's fit true to size lenght-wise. Wide footers might get away with true to size as well.

The fit around the midfoot area can be adjusted with lacing but going true to size is really what I can recommend because of the shoe's length.



The support of the shoe really lies on your overall fit.

When I first put the Harden Vol. 3's on, there was slight discomfort in my midfoot area. My feet were locked in but I'm the type of person that prefers some wiggle room in my footwear.

The high heel hugs your foot in place while the lace band in the forefoot keeps you in place without being too restrictive.



The first two Harden models were "extreme" differences of each other while the Vol. 3 sits right in the middle.

It gives you a balanced coverage without sacrificing anything and that means it can cater to most players. It would not be a shock if the Harden Vol. 3 turns into a favorite this season.

Personally, the Harden Vol. 3 also looks like the best in his series so far. It's that shoe that can perform well on-court and can seamlessly fit your off-court needs. That's a win in the Philippine market.

Three colorways of the adidas Harden Vol. 3 are slated to release in about two weeks.

The metallic gray "Voyager" colorway is up first on Oct. 12 while the "Cosmos" rendition is set to release Oct. 15. A third one, featuing hits of violet and green is also set to hit shelves soon.



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