Extra: There is more to Thirdy Ravena’s OOTDs than what meets the eye

Danine Cruz on Oct 10, 2018 10:58 AM
There is more to Thirdy's OOTDs than what meets the eye
The court is Thirdy Ravena's runway.

Extra is a video series where athletes share their passions and advocacies. Because they are way more than what you see on the court.

For the first episode of Extra, Ateneo forward Thirdy Ravena talks about his post-game outfits, his insecurities growing up, and the struggles of finding his own place in his overachieving family.


Fans see Thirdy Ravena’s crazy dunks on TV and read articles about him online. But thanks to social media, more and more fans are beginning to see Thirdy’s post-game fashion shows.

After balling hard on the court, he always steps out of the dugout looking dressed to thrill.

Sometimes, he steps out of the locker room in a pair of striped pants.

Sometimes, he comes out in white chinos.

Sometimes, he emerges in a turtle neck sweater.

Always, he leaves the game wearing a statement of who he is.

Lifting inspiration from world-famous rappers and streetwear visionaries, he has created a style language all his own.

The creation of his style language, however, was inspired by deeply personal challenges.

“Growing up, I was always compared to my brother [Kiefer] or my dad [Bong] na, 'Bakit si Thirdy ganito? Bakit si Thirdy ‘di ganun kagaling sa basketball? Bakit hindi siya kasing athletic ng dad niya?'"

“I tried to use [fashion] as sort of my defense mechanism.” he revealed. 

There is always pressure in representing the name of the school that's printed in front of Thirdy’s jersey, and there are always expectations attached to the famous last name printed on the back.

To make matters even more complex, he couldn’t meet lofty expectations set on him during his rookie year and sat out what should have been his sophomore playing year because of academics.

Yet, Thirdy internalized all the scrutiny and turned it into something positive.

By Season 79, he made it to the Mythical Five and helped Ateneo reach the Finals. The Blue Eagles may have bowed down to De La Salle University that year, but it became a springboard for Ateneo’s redemption.

By Season 80, he once again made the Mythical Five selection and after silencing their archrivals, was hailed as the Finals MVP.

Finally, Thirdy was no longer just Kiefer’s brother or Bong’s son.

He simply became Thirdy.

“If you’re insecure about something and you find a way how to cope with it, as much as possible, try to be yourself. Never try to change just so people would like you more,” he said.

It was also in Season 80 when Thirdy, now more confident than ever, started serving #OOThirdy’s after games. Not only did he find his own brand of basketball that season, he also found his own take on personal style.

“I would just use clothing or something else that would give me that confidence na when I do it, I know, I try to be as much as myself,” he shared. “‘Yun lang yung promise ko sa sarili ko na I’m just going to be myself because that is what brings me confidence, what makes me think na I’m unique in my own way.”

Thirdy once struggled to find his own place in the world. Today, he’s a basketball champion and style vanguard. He now knows who he wants to be, what he wants to do, and, especially after games, what he wants to wear.

“It’s such an important message especially in this day and age that people are struggling to find themselves and I think at the end of the day, it’s just going to be you. Whether or not people like you for being yourself or people dislike you for being yourself, at the end of the day you would want to look at yourself in the mirror and say I’m happy with what I am and who I am.”

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