Pinoy sports stars celebrate their 'Real MVP' for Mother's Day 2019

ABS-CBN Sports on May 13, 2019 06:28 AM
Sports stars celebrate their Real MVP for Mother's Day 2019
Check out our collection of Mother's Day greetings shared by some of your favorite athletes.

It was then-Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant who popularized the term 'you the Real MVP' when it comes to honoring one's mother, or an especially strong woman in your life.

The iconic phrase directly lifted from his MVP acceptance speech back in 2014 probably gets repeated ten-fold whenever Mother's Day hits.

And in a special day when moms are given extra importance, our athletes did not disappoint, sharing their priceless moments and messages through social media for their Real MVPs.

Check out our collection of Mother's Day greetings shared by some of your favorite athletes.







“May food ka pa sa condo? Puntahan kita dyan bukas.” “Kailan next game niyo? Kuhaan mo kami tickets ni Dad ha.” “May game kayo sa Bacolod/Baguio/Iloilo/etc.? Sige punta kami.” “Gusto mo ako na lang magdrive para makatulog and aral ka?” “May training/mag-aaral ka ba? Nood tayo movie then dinner.” “Kailan vacation mo? Alis tayo pag pwede ka na.” These are just a few of a million examples of how my Mom takes care of me (kahit 23 na ako ????) and supports me in everything that I do. Manalo o matalo, bumagsak o pasado, best blocker o worst server, championship o last place, intrams sa school o liga sa ibang bansa, gusto magroadtrip kung saan-saan o gusto lang matulog buong araw sa pagod... whatever the situation, she’s always there for me. Can’t imagine how I’d survive, especially now with the #MedStudentAthleteLife, without my Mom making things easier for me and helping me clear out my problems. Kinain na siguro ako ng stress at pagod nung 2012 pa lang. ???? I’m beyond blessed to have her in my life and I’m truly lucky to have been raised by a woman as strong and wonderful as her. Thank you so much for everything, Mommy! Can’t imagine a love greater than yours. Soon, I’ll be the one taking care of you. ???? Happy Mother’s Day! Love you!!! ????‍??????

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