Footwear perfect from the streets to the trails for your summer getaway

ABS-CBN Sports on Jun 02, 2019 06:55 AM
Footwear perfect from the streets to the trails
Merrell releases new selection of footwear to compliment getaways from the streets to the trails.

It’s the last few weeks of summer and everyone’s determined to squeeze in their last hurrah before school starts and the rainy season rolls in. If you’re still hoping to do a quick getaway with friends this summer, no need to travel miles away because you can still have plenty a good time exploring in the city! All it takes is an open mind, a little research, and of course, quality gear. Good news on the latter as just in time, global brand Merrell launches just the products for it.

In the brand’s wanderlust-filled Let’s Getaway campaign with new ambassador James Reid, Merrell stays true to its mission of encouraging everyone to enjoy all sorts of adventures. This continues with Merrell’s release of a new selection of footwear to compliment getaways from the streets to the trails.

Whether you enjoy trying out hidden cafes, checking out museums and galleries, or even a pop-up event, Merrell equips you to experience the best of what an urban landscape has to offer with its versatile, tech-filled footwear. 

Poblacion in Makati City is now mostly known for its novel club and bar offerings, however, you may be surprised to know that the area has more to it than simply being the happening place to drink, dine and be seen.  Go off Poblacion’s beaten path of popular lighted signages so you can experience something quirky and unique—far beyond its nightlife. 

Down for some heritage tidbits? Try touring Poblacion’s heritage landmarks like the 400-year-old churches, old municipal hall and century old residential houses. Enjoy your city getaway with Merrell’s Choprock. These shoes are all-weather, all-terrain footwear. They feature breathable quick dry materials and grippy Vibram outsoles just as suitable for long, comfortable walks on city sidewalks as they are for hiking trails. It comes in both neutral and vibrant colorways to match and add an athletic vibe to any outfit. 

Game to appreciate some homegrown art while snapping some gramworthy photos? You’ll be excited to know that Poblacion is home to some art murals by local artits that have made this quaint town a vibrant place to explore. For a modern chill style, try Merrell’s Tideriser shoe. This performance boat shoe has cool, breathable materials, perfect for a light walk around, rain or shine.

Want a laidback, relaxed style with equally amazing performance technology? The Choprock Sandals are your new go-to multi-purpose pair to rock all year long. Packed with the best of Merrell’s Choprock technology, these sandals are not only great for trails around water, but also great for touring concrete spots for hours with its reliable grip. These Choprock sandals go from walking tour to casual coffee date to river crossings in a snap!

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