WATCH: Alyssa Valdez shows off acting and hula-hooping skills

ABS-CBN Sports on Jun 25, 2019 08:27 PM
WATCH: Alyssa Valdez shows off acting, hula-hooping skills
Alyssa versus Tito Boy in a hula-hoop contest, who wins?

At this point, we've all seen what Alyssa Valdez can do. 

On the volleyball court, she's one of the best in the country, with numerous MVP honors and championships under her belt. 

On the mic, she has also shown that she can be a really good commentator during her stints calling volleyball games every now and then. 

She's even made her way onto the big screen, making her movie debut earlier this year. 

On her most recent appearance on Tonight With Boy Abunda, Philippine volleyball's Phenom showed off those acting skills that landed her a movie role, and it looks like she might have another career waiting when she's done on the court. 

Aside from acting, Valdez also showed off another unique talent: hula-hooping.

She even made it look easy with two hula-hoops...while answering questions!

Make that two possible careers after volleyball? 

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