Sneaker Stories: Asi Taulava stands by his trusty Chucks

Paul Kennedy Lintag on May 22, 2020 03:56 PM
Sneaker Stories: Asi Taulava stands by his trusty Chucks
Asi Taulava's most famous Sneaker Story was when he wore Chuck Taylors for an actual game in the PBA back in 2014. (Photo by Nuki Sabio/PBA)

While the Ageless Asi Taulava has transformed himself as a basketball player well enough to still be playing after 21 years in the PBA, he's still pretty old school at heart.

Taulava is no longer the dominant force inside the lane as he once was, which is why he's dedicated his time to fitness and developed a three-point shot.

However, the 47-year-old still likes his classics and if he can, he'll still rock a century-old shoe to the court.

Taulava's most famous Sneaker Story was when he wore Chuck Taylors for an actual game in the PBA some years back.

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He didn't just rock any Chuck Taylors, the 6'9" powerhouse chose to wear the low cut ones too.

Asi's love for Chucks goes all the way back when he was young as they were the only pair he could get for a relatively low price.

"Before I got into all these pricey shoes, [it was all about] Chuck Taylors. Back when I was younger, my parents migrated us from Hawaii to LA, so we were living under a budget. Back in those days, Chuck Taylors were very cheap, very affordable. I got me a pair and just played with it," Taulava said.

Asi shared the story on a webinar with Blackwater's Ariel Vanguardia for Hoops Coaches International.

"I remember the first time I got my first pair of Js [Jordans], I think I was in college and I had a summer job. That's the only time I could afford to get my shoes. When I was in high school, all our shoes were coming from my high school team, we were sponsored then and all the shoes I had, they were given to us for free. I got my first Js and I loved them but if you ask me what are my favorite shoes, it's still the Chucks forever," Taulava added.

In 2014, Taulava wore blue low cut Chuck Taylors in a game against Blackwater in the PBA Philippine Cup.

In his Chucks, Asi played great, scoring 24 points and grabbing 10 rebounds in a 104-84 win for his NLEX Road Warriors.

“You don’t have to have expensive shoes to play in the PBA,” Taulava said then.

True enough, even the Chuck 70s with heavier canvas material retail for around only P4,000, with the regular Chuck Taylors that Asi rocked going for less.

However, as Taulava tries to keep his old school look, he might have to shell out a little more for his Chucks.

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Converse recently upgrade its basketball line, with the new Converse All-Star Pro BB going for more money but with modern-day tech. 

"They innovated the new Chucks now, I haven't tried them on yet," Taulava said.

"But one of these days I'll get me a pair," he added.


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