Five sports dads we admire this Father's Day

ABS-CBN Sports on Jun 21, 2020 08:36 AM
Five sports dads we admire this Father's Day
Let's shine a light on sports dads who've been nothing but pillars of guidance for their family and children. (File Photo)

Every dad deserves credit, especially on their special day.

From the clingy dads, masungit yet protective tatays, to the stern yet sweet, and every kind of dad in between, Father's Day is when we appreciate you the most.

But let's shine a light on sports dads who've been nothing but pillars of guidance for their family and children.


Eddie Laure

'The Dominator' was a force to be reckoned with back in his days in the MBA and the PBA, but Eddie Laure is a role model dad to a loving family of athletes, most notably, EJ and Eya Laure of the UST Golden Tigresses.

Eddie's resume as a heroic dad contains a lot of things, but the most well-known are two instances he came to the resuce for her two volleybelle daughters after devastating injuries. 


Bong Ravena

Bong Ravena is the patriarch of the famed Filipino sports family of accomplished athletes, from Kiefer to Thirdy, and Dani. Along with Mozzy Ravena, they've established a strong bond as a family that has stayed strong through victory and defeat.


Ervin Sotto

Being the father of a prodigious talent like Kai Sotto is no easy task. But Ervin has helped his 7'2" son move closer and closer into fulfilling his NBA dream.


Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao is many things. A legendary boxer, a politician, an advocate of Philippine basketball, and a loving father above all.


Doug Kramer

When it comes to building the closest thing to a perfect family, look nowhere else but the Kramer household. Doug's dependability on the court plaes in comparison to the way he has provided and care for his family.


To the mother of my children. Your beauty goes far beyond your face. I may have had "love at second sight" with you because of your beauty. But I've uncovered throughout the years your beautiful qualities. . What I love about you.... You are the most genuine person I know. You never procrastinate and waste time (except when you're in the bathroom... 10 yrs always????)! You're a go getter, a business woman. A model, an accomplished host, actress. A woman who will figure things out with limited resources. A person who will think of solutions rather than dwell on problems. That is who you are. But all of this pales in comparison with your greatest calling and what has put the greatest meaning in your life.... Being a mother. . Even at their young age, teaching them respect and proper hygiene. To love, care and respect their own bodies. You never fail to make sure the kids are always well dressed. The values you instill to the kids will be something they will carry on until they grow up. It takes a couple to raise a family, but it takes a mother to truly make it work. I'm blessed to have you as my wife and mother to Kendra, Scarlett and Gavin. . To my better half, Happy Mother's day! I love you unconditionally @chekakramer! ????????

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