Get to know: NUís Patrimonio sisters

Barry Viloria on Feb 13, 2015 07:04 PM
NU's Patrimonio sisters
Although she is playing her rookie year for the NU Lady Bulldogs in the UAAP women's tennis tournament, Clarice Patrimonioo has already won a SEA Games bronze medal.

MANILA, Philippines – With daughters Tin and Clarice, Filipino basketball legend Alvin Patrimonio definitely has it lucky having two tennis wonders in the family. And now the National University tries to wield that luck as the sisters lead the Lady Bulldogs this season.

Tin, 23, and Clarice, 21, took their love for sports from their father. Tin first played basketball then tried her hand in figure skating, before getting competitive in tennis at 10 years old. Clarice followed suit and held her first racket at 7.

Together with their mom Cindy, Tin and Clarice trained in TenisVal in Valencia, Spain in their younger years. TenisVal, of course, is the famed tennis academy that has brought forth star players David Ferrer, Maria Kirilenko, Marat Safin, and Dinara Safina, among others. And training there was one memorable experience that the sisters still cherish up to this day.

It’s been a while since—from representing the Philippines in the Fed Cup to securing the Olivarez Open Women's doubles title together. This year, Tin and Clarice both try to ground NU as a powerhouse in women’s tennis as they team up for their first season together in the UAAP. And this has bound them closer as ever.

"Clarice and I are very close and we always help each other especially with school and tennis. We do fight sometimes, but we will always have each other’s back whatever happens because we love each other," Tin says.

"Nothing’s really changed (in our relationship)," Clarice seconds. "We have different schedules but, at least, we still get to see and practice with each other."

All eyes are definitely set on the two Patrimonios—Tin, having bolstered the Bulldogs to their first UAAP crown ever and winning the MVP award; and Clarice, a UAAP rookie with a bronze in the SEA Games 2011 women’s singles up her sleeve—who are surely making this season to watch.


She said, she said



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Clarice @claricepatrimonio25

3rd   year, Marketing Management

Year and course

2nd year, Hotel and Restaurant   Management

December   29,1991


November 25, 1993


Zodiac sign


My ultimate dream in life is to be a number one   tennis player in the world and to win Wimbledon. But before I became a tennis   player, my dream was to become a veterinarian. As a kid, I loved taking care   of animals!

Ultimate dream in   life

To be successful   in life and to have my own family in the future.

The   William Sisters because they don't play tennis for the money or fame, they   play tennis because they enjoy and love the sport.

Tennis idol

Maria Sharapova. When she plays, she keeps   herself cool and doesn’t give up easily. She’s a fashionista on and off the   court, too!

It would be Maria Sharapova because Clarice   has powerful strokes just like Sharapova’s.

Tennis personality you compare the other to

I think Serena Williams.

I play with my dogs, read a book or sometimes   I cook/bake something for my family.

Hobbies apart from tennis

Karaoke, swimming, dancing, surfing the   Internet, going to the beach, going to the mall to watch a movie or shop!

Depends on my mood. When I start my day, I   want to listen to pop and R&B. Then, at night, I listen to slow and   classical music to relax.

Favorite type of music

Pop, jazz, or acoustic.


Now, it’s Sam   Smith.

Favorite musician

Avril   Lavigne.


Infinitea or   Trublends.

Favorite hangout   place at NU

Infinitea or   Trueblends.


Rockwell or Alabang   Town Center.

Favorite hangout   place off campus

At any   mall.



Favorite restaurant

Korean   restaurants.


Japanese! Sashimi and sushi!

Favorite type of   cuisine


The Proposal.

Favorite movie




Sandra Bullock

Favorite actor

Zac Efron, Emma   Watson.

General Psychology.

Favorite subject at   school

Culinary Arts.


LA, California.

Favorite travel   destination

New York

Wallet, cellphone,   extra proper clothes just in case my family, friends or boyfriend asks me to   hangout. 

Top things you   can't leave the house without

Cellphone,   wallet, power bank, bag.

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