We just kinda fizzled out -- Adamson assistant coach Hizon after another loss

Mark Escarlote on Sep 23, 2015 08:13 PM
We just kinda fizzled out -- Adamson assistant coach Hizon
Maturity and consistency are the things the young Adamson Falcons need to learn to pull themselves out of a five-game losing slump.

Adamson needs to play four quarters if they want to win ball games.

This is what assistant coach Vince Hizon said when approached by reporters waiting outside their dugout inside the Mall of Asia Arena Wednesday.

For the fifth time in the 78th UAAP men’s basketball tournament, the Falcons found themselves again on the losing end after putting up a fight halfway through the match.

Adamson was on top by two at the end of the first quarter and was lurking close at the break before fading in the second half in a 54-75 beating against the defending champion National University.

"We did have a good start," said Hizon, who called the shots in the absence of suspended head coach Mike Fermin. "I thought our first half was really pretty good especially our first quarter but then we just kinda fizzled out."

The Falcons were on top, 19-17, after the first 10 minutes and were just behind by five, 28-33, at halftime but were outscored in the next two frames, 42-26, as Adamson got buried deeper in the cellar.

"Really the maturity and the depth of NU came out and that’s where we got hit," Hizon added.

Still, Hizon and the coaching staff are not losing hope.

Though they have already surrendered to the fact that they won’t make it to the Final Four, all they wanted is to improve from last year – a seventh place finish with a 1-13 slate just a quotient ahead of University of the Philippines.

"It’s not an overnight thing. Greg Popovich once said: Give me guys that are gonna give a consistent, good effort day in and day out and you have a competitive team," said Hizon.

"That’s what we need to do because we have too many rookies. Again I’m not playing the rookie card here and just blame it on my men at all but we have to grow. We have to mature as a team."

"We actually had a nice long talk a while ago, just looking inside first e," he added. "We’re asking each one of these guys to dig a little deeper and ask themselves "Are you giving your best effort consistently every game, every practice and are you getting extra work after practice? Instead of all the Facetime, Facebook or whatever else it is you are wasting your time with when you should be shooting free throws?""


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