ITíS A CELEBRATION! Show your school spirit and win McDo Bonfries!

ABS-CBN Sports on Oct 01, 2015 07:26 PM
Show your school spirit and win McDo Bonfries!
Nothing goes hand-in-hand like a celebration and free fries!

In the sporting world, nothing compares to the thrill of victory.

Seeing all the hours you’ve put in, all the hard work, and all the effort be rewarded with the ultimate goal of a win, there’s nothing quite like it!

Of course, with the biggest victories come the biggest celebrations.

In the Philippines, arguably the biggest, most loyal fans are those who support the teams of their own Alma Mater. Whether it be in basketball, volleyball, or even  cheerdancing, the faithful members of any and every college in the country are one with their athletic teams, in defeat and of course in victory.

One of the more popular forms of celebration among colleges in the Philippines is the good old bonfire!

For one night, the whole school comes together to celebrate their wins and see all their hard work pay off.

So, for one of the biggest collegiate sporting events in the country, the UAAP Cheerdance Competition, McDonald’s will be making sure that your school spirit will be rewarded!

Tune in to the UAAP Season 78 Cheerdance Competition on Saturday, October 3 and make sure that you’re loud and proud on Twitter!

Post your cheer tweets and show support for your school by tweeting using your school’s hashtag  (#McDoBonFriesUP, #McDoBonFriesADMU, #McDoBonFriesADU, #McDoBonFriesNU, #McDoBonFriesDLSU, #McDoBonFriesUE, #McDoBonFriesFEU, #McDoBonFriesUST).

The school with the most tweets and the loudest school spirit will be given free fries!

That’s right, and there’s not much that’s better than free fries! So why not make your bonfire celebration more fun with #McDoBonFries?

Don’t get left behind! Show your school spirit, experience the thrill of victory, and best of all, celebrate with #McDoBonFries!

You can start tweeting as soon as the clock strikes 12:01 am on UAAP Cheerdance day, Saturday, October 3!

Wanna know how you and your school can win? Log on to and follow and for more updates! 


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