UAAP Cheerdance history: The Rivalry, Sarimanok and the new top dog

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UAAP Cheerdance: Rivalries, Sarimanok and the new top dog
The UAAP Cheerdance Competition is home to a lot of historical moments.

Since its inception in 1994, the UAAP Cheerdance Competition has grown into its own juggernaut, a yearly spectacle that draws fans from all eight member schools to watch their respective pep squads put on a show.

Aside from colorful performances, many historic moments have happened in the cheerdance competitions, one reason why it is one of the most anticipated UAAP events every year.

Remember some below.

1994-1996: Salinggawi establish a UAAP dynasty

There is a reason why the UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe is one of the most popular team (if not the most popular) in the UAAP cheerdance competitions.

And no, its not because of their unique name but because they have been winning since the event started.

SDT quickly established themselves as a force in the cheerdance competitions by winning the first three championships. One can argue that FEU's first win in 1998 should have belonged to Salinggawi as well but the team opted not to join and instead competed in a separate competition where they won first place.

There was no cheerdance competition in 1997.


1999-2001: UP's reign

Salinggawi returned to the CDC in 1999 however, there was a new sheriff in town as the UP Pep Squad started their own run of three straight championships, fending off UST for two years and edging Adamson in 2001.

Who knew that this would spark one of the best rivalries the UAAP has ever seen?


2002-2008: The Rivalry

Here is a little trivia for all of you, during this time in the UAAP cheerdance competitions, only four teams had podium finishes namely UST, UP, FEU and UE.

The UE Pep Squad had their first and only podium finish in 2002, and from then on, the UAAP Cheerdance competition was a triple threat match for the better part of the decade.

Salinggawi returned to their winning ways at the start of the new millenium, capturing an incredible five straight championships from 2002 to 2006.

Saying that they changed the game is an understatement and to display their dominance in this period, they beat the UP Pep Squad three straight times during this stretch, including a narrow decision in 2005 and a record 94.96 points in 2006.

In 2007, with UST as hosts no less, the UP Pep Squad had enough as they took a close victory of their own and a year later, as the ones hosting the event, put on a dominating performance for back-to-back titles.

This point in the history of the cheerdance competitions saw the epic battles between two titans of the sport, but it was a mytical bird that put a stop to their stranglehold the following year.


2009-2012: Sarimanok and the UP revolution

Lost in the UP-UST cheerdance war was the FEU Cheering Squad consistently making it to the top three along with their more decorated and more famous counterparts from Diliman and Espana.

Since winning its first title in 1998, FEU has always finished with a medal since save for two years and was riding on a six-year podium streak heading into 2009.

And after seven years of nothing but UST and UP, the FEU Cheering Squad broke the norm and won their second title with the birth of the now legendary Sarimanok.

Unfortunately for FEU, this was also a time the UP Pep Squad started making statements both on and off the dance floor.

After regaining the title in 2010 that featured the "big three" for the last time so far, UP Pep went blonde in 2011.

Then they went bald in 2012. Three straight titles, eight championships overall.

And more importantly, the eternal battle for cheerdance wins is now 
tied. UST - 8, UP - 8.


2013-present: A new top dog

Prior to the 2012 Cheerdance competition, the NU Pep Squad never stepped foot at the podium, they're highest finish was 5th place in 2009.

In 2013 however, they had a little more bite than bark and smashed UP convingcingly for their first ever title.

With a deadly combination of impressive stunts and flexibility that will make Mr. Fantastic proud, the NU Pep Squad has been unstoppable since, using another supremely difficult routine to beat UP again last year.

Now, they look to establish a dynasty of their own with a third consecutive win.

The 2015 UAAP Cheerdance Competition will take place on Saturday at the MOA Arena. All of the participants’ talents will be on full display LIVE starting at 2:00 PM only on ABS-CBN Sports+Action Channel 23 as well as

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