#UAAPCDC2015 scoop: Meet DLSU Animo Squad captain Eileen Shi

Barry Viloria on Oct 02, 2015 11:02 PM
#UAAPCDC2015 scoop: Meet DLSU Animo Squad captain Eileen Shi
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Charming, sociable, and crazy talented, DLSU Animo Squad’s Eileen Shi is your stereotypical pretty, perky cheer captain. She’s just new to cheerleading, though. Well, relatively.

“I wasn’t a cheerleader for the most part. I tried all genres—jazz, contemporary, tap dance, street. I was into ballet since I was three up to high school,” the 20 year-old begins.

Eileen was part of the ICA Dance Troupe for most of secondary school. She reveals only trying out cheerleading once she entered college, after auditioning too for the famed LSDC-Street. She passed the tryouts in both groups, but decided to stick with the Animo Squad. It’s the friendly atmosphere on the team that made her decide to stick with pompoms and cartwheels.

“I enjoyed it. I loved that I get to learn new stunts and new skills in the process.”

“Unlike other squads, Animo Squad welcomes those without any experience like me. The people I met were very approachable,” she adds, citing the seniors that came before her. If there’s one thing that they taught her, she says, it’s “dedication.”

Outside the UAAP, Eileen’s labors bore fruit as a lifter for the green squad. She was part of the team that raked a back-to-back championship at the NCAA All Girls Division (2013 and 2013). Her inspiration behind every inch of effort she exerts whenever she’s on the mat: Her family, and the team who has always believed in her despite her misgivings.

“I want to make my family proud,” she declares. “As well as the captains and seniors in my rookie year. Even if I came from scratch, they never doubted my potential and they saw something in me that was more than what I was. They exerted effort to make sure I improved.”

Off cheerleading, Eileen is working on a different feat: Studying two degrees, namely Psychology and Advertising. She likes how her two seemingly unrelated courses get together in terms of harnessing her research skills. Eventually, she hopes to use her knowledge in the field of events organizing.

But that’s in the future. Back to where she is now, Eileen is keen on pushing La Salle to the edge with a rock-and-roll theme in tomorrow’s UAAP CDC.

“Last year, we failed to focus on our dance. That’s our area of concentration this year. Every segment will be a mix of high energy dances and cheerleading.”

Now, who’s excited for the Archers to bring it this year?


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