Mikee Reyes on Oct 11, 2015 06:41 PM
THE MASKED LADY MAROON. Bea Daez powered the UP Lady Maroons with her 13 points as they earned a 46-39 victory that finally ended a 25-game losing streak in the UAAP women's basketball tournament.

Losing is never fun. It’s something we hate. We, as athletes, cringe at the thought of it. We can never let ourselves get used to losing, none of us would want that. In truth, none of us would even want that for anyone. But, it happens. Different factors lead to this. That’s just the beauty of sports, there are winners and there are losers. Yun lang. Mej nakakarami na talaga kami.

I was asked to write about how the UP Lady Maroons ended their 25-game losing streak in the UAAP today. Their last win was back in 2013! Wild noh?

They won against Adamson today, the same way we ended our 27-game losing streak last year. It was and may still be pathetic to celebrate such a feat, but hey, we’re gonna remember these games for sure!

As you all know, Bea Daez is part of the UP women’s team. We’ve followed each other our college careers and to this day, we still do.

Our college careers never really went as well as we would’ve wanted them to. Loss after loss, we never envisioned our once "bright" futures to be derailed like it’s been.

We graduated from high school as winners, which is the reason why we even stepped foot in the UAAP. We were already starters as rookies, that’s how much potential we showed. But, life happens. Not everything goes your way. If it did, eh di lahat tayo champion?

I’m not here to justify our college careers. We both know we could’ve done much more as players and as students. Gusto ko lang ikwento yung feat na nagawa namin at gaano kami ka-proud sa isa’t isa. I have no plans of talking about myself too much here, so babawiin ko sa kanya. Kung sa tingin niyo masyado akong biased, eh di sorry?

Bea Daez was never a loser. I watched her play in high school, and she was one of the women ballers out there that made you think if they really were girls. Bea, by the way, entered UP in 2011, while I did back in 2009. Oo na, matanda na!

Back in high school, Assumption San Lorenzo in the finals was a usual sight. Win after win, Bea eventually turned out to be one of the most sought out point guards in her batch. She was a champion and an MVP.

Not only did she win on the hard court, she won in every other aspect. She was a former dancer for the Assumption College Dance Troupe, ‘til she decided to focus on her basketball career. She was always one of the smartest girls in a class, she was a shoo-in for the honor roll every year.

When she graduated high school, she was one of the top 10 Most Outstanding Students in Makati. Talk about winning.

Ako naman, uhhhh… I had her my whole senior year in high school. WINNER! LOL

Anyway, she won today! And she was hella crying when we were singing the alma mater. Mas nasustain ko yung composure ko when we won last year, I have to say. Hindi naman ako humagulgol!

During that 27-game losing streak for the men’s team, I was only there for seven of them. It was during my one-game season back in 2013 when we lost our first game plus those six losses prior to that first round Adamson game last season.

Bea, on the other hand, was part of all those 25 games that the women’s team lost. So maybe, that’s the reason why Bea was more emotional after the win. Or maybe dahil babae sila at emotional lang talaga sila as human beings? Yes? No? LOL. I’m kidding.

I’m happy I got to witness the win today. I felt the sigh of relief that echoed throughout the whole arena coming from the team and the UP community present. It was the exact same sight and feeling as what we had last year, akala mo nagchampion!

During these games, we both top-scored for our teams. Although, of course, it was a total team effort. She had the likes of Tin Aliermo, Janeena Tatel and Joana Oliva who really stepped up, while I had JR Gallarza, Mark Juruena and Dave Moralde.

Everyone else also chipped in in their own ways, whether it be hustle that lead to extra possessions or just the mere sight of them cheering from the bench. Everyone had something to do with the win, that’s the most important thing and that’s what makes both games more memorable.

UP led by as much as 14 today. If I’m not mistaken, that’s the same as what happened with us last year. Same thing though, Adamson fought back and made it a game in the 4th quarter. The win wasn’t secured until a dagger three that Bea sank with less than a minute left that pushed their lead to six. Hey, same thing, JR hit a three for us late in the game last year. That gave us enough cushion to preserve the win. Di nga lang nagcramps si Bea today. Pero naka mask, basag ilong eh. Pwede na din.

We never really saw ourselves celebrating this much or putting this much weight on one win. Isang panalo lang yun, ano ba naman yan? But it really isn’t the win itself, it’s ending the streak. By doing that, it may lead to something greater. We’ll see what happens.

Sooooo, kalian bonfire?

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