The Unheralded Members of the DLSU Team

Jeanine Tsoi on Nov 08, 2015 01:08 PM
The Unheralded Members of the DLSU Team
Gustung- gusto ko talaga mag-tape ng paa kasi yun talaga ang trabaho ko at nag-eenjoy ako gawin yun.” -- DLSU utility man Restituto “Resty” Ortega Jr

“The majority of us lead quiet unheralded lives as we pass through this world... But that does not lessen our possible impact, for there are scores of people waiting for someone just like us to come along, people who will appreciate our compassion, our unique talents.”

The quote above written by Leo Buscaglia impeccably describes the roles of the utility personnel and the physical therapists of the Office of Sports Development (OSD) in De La Salle University. The service they offer to our athletes requires a great deal of hard work and patience. Truth be told, they work and sacrifice so much; and yet they remain unheralded.

Winning the general championship has always been the goal of the DLSU teams participating in the UAAP. La Salle won the title for two consecutive years and then settled for first runner-up after falling short to UST by only three points. Everyone did their part in assuring La Salle remained on top of the league. This includes the athletes, the coaches and the managers for each team, but the staff from the OSD who quietly go about their jobs are often forgotten, most especially Kuya Resty, Kuya Branson and PT Teddy.

Their names may be unheard of, but you would probably recognize them from the sidelines of every game that’s because they not only attend to one sport but all 14 intercollegiate sports programs!

We have the utility men, Restituto  “Resty” Ortega Jr and Branson Carmoc, who make sure the equipment and materials needed by the athletes are readily available. Their days usually start as early as 5 a.m. to prepare for the women’s basketball training and end at 9 p.m. after cleaning the court and other equipment.

Kuya Resty and Kuya Branson are also responsible for taping the ankles of the players. They also see to it that the athletes are well hydrated during training as well as during game day.

When I asked Kuya Resty what he loves about his job, he said “Gustung- gusto ko talaga mag-tape ng paa kasi yun talaga ang trabaho ko at nag-eenjoy ako gawin yun.”

We also have the head physical therapist, Eleazer “Teddy” Fabian, whose primary job is to treat injured athletes, and also makes sure that the athletes are able to get back in prime condition and recover as soon as possible.

Currently, PT Teddy works hand in hand with Kib Montalbo, who recently suffered an ACL tear. The PT is also the one who accompanies injured players to the hospital for check-ups and the like.

During game day, he is the one responsible for handing the oxygen masks to the players who are tired, as well as providing first aid care to those who get injured during the game. His sense of fulfillment is seeing his players back on the court again.

These three people have been with DLSU for so long that their passion to serve continues to escalate over the years. Kuya Branson has been working in La Salle for 19 years, Kuya Resty for 17 years, and PT Teddy for 7 years. Being with the athletes almost every day, they see the athletes more than as a student athlete, but as their family.

To the people outside the university and to the Lasallians who do not frequent the Enrique Razon Sports Complex, hearing the names Kuya Resty, Kuya Branson and PT Teddy will most likely not ring a bell. Yet to the athletes, these names have become invaluable. I was able to gather a few testimonials from our student athletes; all of them very grateful for the service, passion and dedication of these kuyas who have been living silent, unheralded lives.

"We from the football team make them feel welcome and part of the team by allocating funds for them by giving them team shirts and jerseys. We help them check the equipment if the balls are flat, and if there's any way we can make their jobs easier by taking care of the equipment provided by the OSD"          

  • Inigo Gonzales, team captain, DLSU Men’s Football Team

"Grateful ako na kasama ko sila. Si Kuya Branson and Kuya Resty sobrang sipag nila and hindi sila nagrereklamo. Talagang maaasahan mo sila at masayahing tao rin sila pagkasama namin. Respetado ko rin talaga sila. Matagal na sila sa La Salle at sobrang daming players na from the PBA na nakasama/ dumaan kila kuya, doon pa lang makikita mo na kung gaano sila kabait at kasipag.”

  • Andrei Caracut, rookie, DLSU Men’s Basketball Team

“They've been very supportive to the squad. The kuyas provided us with water and Gatorade during training. The PTs would always remind us to go to them if ever we felt the need for a check up. I remember one of the PTs assisting me when I had an injury with my collarbone.”

  • Paolito Mariano, member, DLSU Animo Squad

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